Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Wednesday! 
The days seem to be passing by quicker than usual these days, right?! I mean we are almost in August...which means it is almost Fall time again! Its crazy to me to think that 2015 is almost over and soon we'll be starting a whole new 365 day chapter! Anyways, I wanted to talk to you guys about where I reside in Florida. Miami is pretty much known for its beaches (aka South Beach), its eclectic groups of people, and some pretty awesome food! Then there's the usual sights to see such as Wynwood, Downtown Miami, and the Versace Mansion. Do not get me wrong, I love visiting these places as much as the next person but there is so much more to see in South Florida, I promise! Just heading a little bit more south is an area called "Little Havana". It is known for its traditional Cuban culture, robust street life, culture influenced activities, and amazing food! The day I shot these photos, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many tourists everywhere. Taking in the ambiance, shooting photos, lining up at the ever popular ice cream shop, Azucar. They have so many ice cream flavors, it is crazy! I think that when people set their trips to come and visit Miami, this area is overlooked because it is not as known as our other famous sights. SO, if you ever plan a trip to Miami, do not forget to stop by and experience it for yourself. 

Here are five sights to see/things to do in Little Havana:

1. The Tower theater: One of our oldest landmarks in South Florida. You could watch unique independent films here and they also host exibits and educational programs too.

2. Experince the Big Bus Miami tours! I have yet to try this, but it looks like too much fun. You could catch one in Little Havana and it takes you all around Miami's iconic landmarks. Not just for the tourists...locals too ! ;) lol

3. Little Havana "Walk of Fame" ; reminiscent to the familiar stars in Los Angeles, CA; here you get to see a plethora of them honoring and celebrating the accomplishments of famous latin arists & organizations.

4. Azucar Ice Cream Shop: I already mentioned this, so you know it is so worth the trip! They offer "homemade Cuban ice cream" and they have so many flavors to choose from! Some are even named after famous artists and well-known cuban dishes.

5. Domino Park: This is a major landmark in 8th street (aka Calle Ocho). Here you will find that it will always be full with neighborhood domino players that have "mastered" the art of playing dominos. There are also nearby shops and restaurants too, and its very picturesque (photo-op moment)!

This has been my uniform lately; airy blouses and a good pair of shorts! This day was especially hot so I was glad that I had the idea of picking up my hair (which I never do, only at home when I'm being lazy).

Shorts: Arizona
SandalsSam Edelman (found mine at Marshalls!)
Bag: Kate Spade
Sunglass: Tory Burch

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Floppy Hat / Kate Spade Case / Fringe Heels / Maxi Dress / RM Crossbody Bag /
 Sunglasses / Earrings / Leopard Heels / Pink Crossbody Bag / MBMJ Gold Watch

Sharing some of my favorites from Nordstrom's anniversary sale!
All of these are available and currently on a crazy amazing sale, but hurry, prices will go up again on August 3rd! Shop my picks above. I am loving those taupe fringe heels ! ;)
What are your favorites, and tell me what you've purchased or what's on your wish list; I know mine is pretty long.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hi ! And welcome back to my blog. 
So as you all already know, this past weekend was Miami Swim Week. I am proud to say that I survived my first full swim "weekend", and boy was it intense. This past weekend Collins avenue was surely a scene. From models scurrying down the streets, to camera men swishing past you to get that perfect shot, to invitees urging to get a good seat to capture those 20 minutes down the runway front and center. And while surprisedly this year the whole "function" was not sponsered by Mercedes-Benz, the shows had to go on and they did not disappoint. First show I caught was the Peroni emerging designers at the SLS hotel. Fun and bright swim and resortwear, spiffy little dresses, and twirl-worthy midi skirts in this one! However, my favorite would have to be 6 Shore Road by Pooja collection. It was absolutely beautiful, and you could feel the energy of the models as they danced acrossed the runway to the upbeat tempos. I also had the priviledge to check out Bianca Coletti's swimwear presentation along with Glamour magazine at the Soho beach house as well (catch some photos below). Think trendy prints and cheeky little bottoms, as well as beautiful ruffled one-pieces that I still cannot stop thinking about ;) Caffe swimwear did not stay behind either. Their impressive runway on the water at the W hotel was quite the site and it included many printed maxi dresses, straw beach bags and colorful tunics. Although there's one that I couldnt attend, I heard the Mara Hoffman presentation at Casa Casuarina (aka the Versace mansion) was an absolute dream. Filled with Moraccan inspiration, which included her signature graphic prints, out of this world caftans, and even some head pieces. I must also add that while everything went according to plan, almost all of the shows and presentations started late, talk about running on Miami time !!! Needless to say, I am honestly still recovering from this past weekend, but overall I must say it was a great experience. Here's to the next Miami Swim Week! Thanks for reading, peep some photos below!

With the beautiful and sweet Annie from, The Fashion Poet :)

Selfie time with these beauties.
Jannely from The Fashion Buffet , Jules from JustSayJulesStyle , Prissy from The Fashion Muse

Bianca Coletti Swimwear

Peroni show (above) and Caffe Swimwear (bottom).



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi ! and welcome back to my blog. I know it's a little late but I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. Sorry for the mini-week hiatus on the blog; I did some short traveling and didn't really have time to post..but I 'm back now ! If you guys follow me on instagram (@Estephanie_820) you know I went to Disney for 4th of July! As much as I love Disney on a holiday, I will never go back during one LOL. It was so packed with so many people and I think the sun had brand new triple AAA batteries that day because it was so damn hot! Nonetheless I am glad I was able to go because Disney is always magical. Anyways, since we are on the subject of travel, I went to New York last month too (read about it here); going to New York made me realize how good life is, and how lucky we are that we get to do the things that we want. For me it was to go to New York again and visit..and it happened! For me, it does not matter how many times I go and visit the same places; NYC makes me feel alive; it makes me feel that everything in life is possible, it is so difficult to describe sometimes...

Also, What I'm saying is that never think that you cannot do something or achieve to go somewhere because you feel stuck at your job, do not "have time" or there are money issues...When there's a will, there's definitely a way, trust me! At the end, it will be worth it because no one can take away those experiences and lately I rather buy a plane ticket than a expensive bag (who am I these days LOL!) 
I know I'm all over the place today with this "rant" but nothing in life is "impossible" and you guys need to know that. ;)

As always, thank you for stopping by..
.makes my heart happy that you come by and read my posts ;)
*outfit details at the end*

My favorite type of outfit: girly and casual. Let's talk about this top for a second; finally got my hands on one of these cold shoulder tops. It seems that they are sold out and disappearing everywhere so I am happy I found this one! Plus it was really affordable ;) I especially love the embroidery and the material of it; it light weight and it has a "peasant-top" feel to it. Another aspect I love is that this top could easily be transitioned for the colder days to come (think with skinny jeans and a pair of peep-top booties...YAS!) I paired it with these jean shorts I purchased the other fav! They have such a flattering fit and they are not too short, which I love! Finished it with one of favorite sandals; I've been wearing too much lately...oh well, who cares! ;) lol

Also this upcoming weekend is Miami Swim week! Can't wait to share where I'll be going and the shows I'll be attending. I'll be "snap-chatting"of course (duh!) . You can follow me : Estephanie820  to not miss a beat!

TopPapaya Clothing (in store) / Have this one too! LOVE it
SandalsJust Fab
HatForever 21 / I want this one ! ;)
Necklace: Haha I don't even know (old)



Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Hi there! :)
Welcome back to my blog; I just recently returned from my trip to New York City, and had to share some moments with you all. If you all have the chance to travel to New York..DO IT! It is truly one of a kind, and there is so much to do. Not to mention, there is inspiration EVERYWHERE you go. From downtown Manhattan, to Brooklyn, to even the thrill of riding the subway; however it is that you spend your time in NYC, it will always be memorable. I feel that it is best to go during the Summer time; the weather is perfect, not too hot or cold; which makes everything more enjoyable. I was able to go to some of my favorites spots and visited some new ones. I'm highlighting the spots that I know are worth going to, and some that you should just save your money.

Here we go!

9/11 Memorial ("Ground Zero") : I always love coming here. Although the meaning behind the water fountains are sad; they are really beautiful. They also have a museum of memoriabilia from 9/11 for around $24. I didn't get a chance to go inside, but I'm not sure that I would've wanted to.

One World Observatory: This is definitely worth stopping by and experiencing the most amazing view of all of New York City! The whole process of purchasing the tickets and actually going up was fast and smoothe. For $32 you get a brief tour of the grounds. You then go up the elevator to the 102nd floor in UNDER 60 SECONDS! It claims to be the fastest elevator in the world. To my surprise, you barely feel how high it's going up until you finally get up ther and see the view ! Although the view isn't exactly a "360 view" like the empire state building, it really is nice to experience it at least once while you're there! (FYI: Less expensive to purchase tickets in person! Online is more $)

Times Square: Now what kind of person would I be if I do not mention the iconic Times Square..LOL ! :) I've been here countless times, but it never gets old. I literally feel like I'm on a movie set sometimes because of how everything is overly exaggerated (in a good way, of course!). By that I mean, the advertisements everywhere, the restaurants, the entertainment. Definitely a place to visit while in New York City; Best way to go is by subway I'd say; and stay on the 42nd street stop. Going in Taxi or a car is just a nightmare; there's never parking, or if there is; it's really expensive. 

If your wondering. my lemon romper is from JcPenney ;) 

The New York Public Library: It is absolutely beautiful inside! I enjoy coming here to relax for a bit after walking around so much haha. I'd say it's one of the spots some over-look. I think it's definitely a New York landmark. 

Grand Central Station: Another location that I feel that is sometimes overlooked but it is so worth going to. Not only can you take the subway to countless destinations, it offers places to eat and light shopping; it even has a huge Apple store! Its also gorgeous to take photos.

Central Park: My favorite place in all of New York! Where else can you find such a grand park in such an enormous and busy city?!? It's magical. I love coming here to people watch or to catch a quick bite to eat around the food trucks that they have around the park. It is also where you could catch a ride on a horse carriage!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Out of all of the museums that I've visited New York; this is definitely my favorite. It is so grand and luxurious and just feels like you've taken a trip back in time with all the history that's here! General admission is $25, but if you show a school student ID you can get in with just a small donation! (As low as $1!!!)

If you guys are familiar with the "Met ball" that happens every year at this museum. It is where all the celebrities show up dressed up inspired by the yearly theme. This year was "China through the looking glass". They have a separate exhibit here of Chinese culture designed by some of the most well-known fashion designrs. Think Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Valentino just to name a few!

The Statue of Liberty: Last but most certainly NOT least would have to be the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. If I had to pick one excursion from everything I have conquered in New York, this would be it. The whole experience from beginning to end is awesome! The journey begins on the subway (best way to get there) all the way to battery park. There you could purchase your tickets; you have the option to travel up to the Statue of Liberty's crown and the pedestal that she is on as well. To get access to that you either have to get there super early (8:30 am.) to purchase the tickets or online; otherwise general admission to the Lady Liberty and Ellis Island is $18 (again, online is more expensive..its $25!) You then take the ferry (my favorite part) all the way to the island. While getting there, you have the opportunity to take great pictures of the city. I must say its one of the best views ever. :)

I really hope you enjoyed this post and that it helped you plan your next trip to New York City. It's a place that you hear so much about, but somtimes its inexplainable because you just have to go and experience it for yourself.

'til next time!