Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So I hope everyone enjoyed their somewhat long Easter weekend! It was nice to get off work early last Friday, it felt like I had the day off! ;) Although I felt pretty crappy all day Saturday (time of the month...girls you already know!), Sunday was amazing. A couple of good friends and I hosted a brunch on Easter, and it was a great turnout! You could catch some highlights of it here & on my instagram if you follow me on there as well. The best thing about it was that it was for a good cause, so it was a all around win-win situation. I hope you had a great weekend, tell me about it below! :)

Anyways, today I bring you a simple little getup that I wore when I was in Atlanta. So this particular day, we visited Piedmont park, which was quite close to where we stayed in ATL (read all about my trip here, in case you missed it last week). I first envisioned this outfit with some dark skinny jeans, but it was just way too hot that day to be in jeans, so I opted for these cute scalloped shorts instead! I really like them because they are made of really great material and go with just about everything!  Also, I couldn't wait to wear this camo jacket the second I got it, so it was a great opportunity to wear it with this graphic tee. I love anything that has to do with New York City. Yes guys, I know, I'm a Miami girl, but New York City will always have a piece of my heart (although, I'd never live there, but that's a different story, lol!) One of yhe reasons why I love this tee is because it reminds me of the feeling I get when I visit NYC, and it's just hard to describe it unless you've visited, just MAGICAL (the inner poet in me, I swear). Who knows, maybe I'll jump on a plane this Summer ;).....

'til next post.

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Love these trees! SO picturesque. :)


Tee: here
Camo Jacket: Forever 21 (same style here and here!)
Scalloped shorts: here (similar)
Sandals: JcPenney



Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Wednesday, and welcome back to my blog ! :)
Very excited to be talking to you guys about my recent trip to Atlanta. It was such a nice get-a-way, and I would definitely go back again to visit. As much as I do like living in Miami, it was a breath of fresh air to experience a change in scenery; I must say that was my favorite part of visitng Atlanta, the dried out, dead trees. LOL. A little strange to type that, but it's true. Reminded me of how you see the trees when they start to lose their leaves in New York, I loved it! It looks like it was still Fall time, even though the weather was comfortably warm. The people were very welcoming and friendly, especially at our hotel. It kind of felt like a foreign place because not everyone here in Miami is so nice...if you know what I mean, haha. Or maybe it was the fact that we stayed at the W, I really don't know. ;) Anyways, the highlight of the trip was visiting the Georgia Aquarium, it was such a great experience, I LOVED it! Oh, and not to mention the food over there; OMG, everything was delicious. One of the mornings we were there, we went to a Waffle house, which I think every state has one, and even the waffle I ordered tasted differently (in a good way) because I inhaled it. LOL (or maybe because I'm a waffle fanatic). 

Ok, I'm done yapping, here are some of the highlights of my trip!
I hope you enjoy & Let me know if you've ever visited or recommend any other places

Thanks for reading.

So one of the reasons I adored the hotel where we stayed was waking up to this view every morning. I would always be the one waking up first while my bf was still snoring just so I could have a moment to myself to eat some breakfast in our room, and people watch from the window; it was the best! We stayed at the "W hotel" in midtown Atlanta. I'd say its kind of like our "downtown Miami". It's literally right in the middle of all the action I would say, which was an advantage. We had plenty of places to try out for breakfast and lunch! Even though some of the days we just grocery shopped to have some things in our hotel room so we didn't have to leave to get anything. ;)

Another thing that I liked about the hotel was that it was connected to this public foodcourt in the inside of the hotel. For instance, there was a entrance way that the hotel has from their side, and you enter through there to what looks like a mini mall ! I thought that was great, especially when guests don't really want to go far to get something to eat or just shop for some quick toiletries, etc. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay there that I was really sad when it was time to leave. 

Location: W Hotel Midtown
188 14th St NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30361

So this was the only photo that I was able to capture of my first breakfast in Atlanta. It was so so so good!!! I was the happiest girl ever. Lol. I think that was the best biscuit I have ever tried in my entire life. Yes, it was that good; I can't get over it 'til this day. LOL. The potatoes were great too. My bf and I loved this place so much that we went back twice; extremists..? Nah I don't think so, we just love good food ;) My plate was the "Blue Plate" + their prices are super cheap!

Location: West Egg Cafe
1100 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta Georgia 30318
Browse their MENUS !

The best part, if not, my favorite part of going to Atlanta was visiting the Georgia Aquarium! This is definitely somewhere you have to experience if you are ever in Georgia. They have more than 100,000 animals of about 500 different species! Also, there are more than 10 million gallons of water that they use to fill all of the tanks at the aquarium! That is crazy !!! Just think of how much water that is. So admission was about $35, if purchased online !! If you purchase tickets when getting there, it's a bit more pricey, plus they have great online deals! Also, I learned that they have adult sleepovers and that you could sleep overnight in front of that huge aquarium tank you see above! How awesome would it be to wake up to that?! I thought that was really unique that the aquarium offered that. The aquarium is broken up into different sections where they have many mini tanks with different types of animals; I enjoyed that because each section was named differently and was massive inside each one ! My favorite part of my visit was the "Dolphin Tales" show! It was awesome; they have this huge aquarium auditorium and they executed an amazing show with six dolphins, I was impressed ! 

Location: Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker St NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

 Jumpin' Jellyfish!

Albino Alligator!

Here is another beautiful place we visited in our stay; Piedmont Park! You see, those are the "dead trees" I was talking about lol...aren't they beautiful?! ;) This park is massive, and I think we walked the entire park because I was so tired afterward; we shot some outfit photos of course, those will be up sometime next week. Another thing that I liked was that this park was walking distance from our hotel, so we didn't need to drive there.

Location: Piedmont Park 
10th St & Piedmont Avenue 
in Midtown Atlanta

So pretty !!! These are everywhere in Atlanta! I'm not sure if they are seasonal or not, but they were beautiful to look at when I was there ;) 

Here are some shots of downtown Atlanta; I actually took these photos on the last floor of the parking garage of the aquarium! It was such a beautiful site ! Oh, you see that "mini" ferris wheel on the right? Well it actually not quite mini at all, IT'S GIGANTIC. We rode that ferris wheel and I almost died of a heart attack, it was so scary. I guess I'm not too fond of heights as I'd hoped. LOL. It was cool to see all of downtown from a bird's view, but I kind of like being on the ground. ;) 

Thank you so much for stoppin' by!



Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Neutral (or in this case, "nude") colors are my favorite, You can never go wrong with them. They are so easy to dress up or down, and not to mention, they could be worn all year 'round. One thing I love is that you could wear one neutral color from head to toe and look put together, and it'll seem like you  spent hours styling an outfit, when in reality, it took a couple of minutes. ;) I fell completely in love with this ribbed nude dress. I won't lie, I wasn't really expecting it to be all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised. The material is pretty thick and it has a body slip under so it does not look see-through at all. I also appreciate the 3/4 sleeves because sometimes I am not too fond of thin spaghetti strap dresses lol. This dress is great for a night out, or even a casual outfit with some white sneakers. I opted for these laser-cut heels, and I think they went perfect with this dress. I also own these in black suede, but this color/material are a dream. You don't have to worry if the shoe gets dirty or ruined; which sometimes happens to my other shoes that are suede. Not sure how to describe the material , but I think its a mix of kid + saffiano leather, which is awesome ! I also loved these super cute tortoise sunglasses. Although they aren't my everyday aviators, I did love these because they are a little different. 

Let me know your thoughts! 
What's a neutral color that you love, and can't wait to wear to wear for

'til next post.


Dress: similar here
Shoes: same style here
Sunglasses: (same style here)



Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Welcome back to my blog! 
I hope you all are having a great week so far; it seems to me that every week passes by more quickly than the last, I mean it's already Wednesday! Which also leads me to say that today is "my Friday". I'm traveling to Atlanta for a long weekend starting tomorrow, and I cannot wait! I have visited before when I was younger, but I'm glad to be going back now! I'm excited to share with you all my experience, so follow me on snapchat because I'm sure I will be documenting bits of my trip (DUH!), so stay tuned for that. 

So today I'm back with this sassy little number from Fashion Pinto. I was/am so happy when the girls over at Fashion Pinto sent me this cute shift dress. I immediately knew what shoes I was going to wear it with when I saw it. Lol. It is the perfect length which lets you get away with wearing heels or some flat sandals as well. I also love the shoulder slits that it features, it's such a nice touch. Another aspect I love about the dress is that its very versatile. You could wear it alone for a casual feel, and also wear it with a belt, for a more poslished look. Also, adding a belt is really flattering and can really accentuate your shape in a tasteful manner. You could see here I wore it both ways for you to get an idea. I already see myself wearing this dress more than once (and maybe I already did, haha).  I must say what really made the dress special is the presentation and attentiveness of the girls at Fashion Pinto. I received this dress in the prettiest packaging along with a thoughtful note. First impressions are important in my book, and Fashion Pinto knows exactly how to deliver that! 

I'm someone that loves to support local brands, and Fashion Pinto is stationed right here in Florida. If you've followed my blog for a while now, you know I'm all about girl power and hard work! which that is exactly what Fashion Pinto exudes. Furthermore, they are a online-based boutique that accomodate women of all shapes and sizes, especially those that have a more of an athletic body type. They offer a great selection of pieces; everything from everyday feminine blouses to casual rompers. Plus, one thing that I love is that everything they offer is totally affordable; wether you're looking for a date night outfit, or a casual little number, they cater to your needs without breaking the bank. ;) Also, one of the coolest aspects is that they are currently working on their own designs to add to their boutique. So keep your eye out on that because I know they will be awesome. 

Thank you for reading! :)


Shift Dress: c/o Fashion Pinto (love this one too!) 
Receive 10% off your order with code: THANKS10
Belt:  (similar style here & here
Booties: JcPenney (obessed with these too!) 
Earrings: Forever 21
Lipstick: Colour Pop in shade "Prim" 


Travel Essentials!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
travel essentials

Hi and welcome back to my blog. 
Today I bring you a quick but helpful post on some things to take when you travel. I will be traveling this month to Georgia, so I wanted to put together some essentials, so you could keep it in mind when you plan your next trip!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!
Or which is an item you cannot travel without?


(note: If viewing this post on mobile, turn your phone sideways 
for a better viewing experience!)


I'm obsessed with over-sized sunglasses, especially for traveling. They go great with any outfit, and great to wear on your "no makeup" days..LOL.

How cute is this World map pillow?! I love taking mini pillows with me when traveling, particularly on the plane. It makes it more enjoyable, especially when sometimes the airplane seats aren't the comfiest. 

A must-have. There's no such thing as a bad hair day with one of these. ;) lol

I love getting cute little makeup bags like this; it makes it more fun when I'm packing, and are great for on the go for just about everything.

Another must have essential I must say. I dislike taking my regular size makeup brushes when I travel sometimes because they take up too much room....or let's be real, I forgot (or didn't want) to clean my main makeup brushes. haha. This is a great set to take when traveling to do your makeup.

It's great to sometimes journal when you travel; To take note of that exact moment and write down how you feel. I think it makes it much more memorable when this is done. It is just like when you look back on photos, written memories are just as good. I love notebooks with quirky and positive affirmations. They are great!

YOU. NEED. THIS. BOTTLE. I have one and I use it everyday. It keeps your beverages cold for 24 hours, or it keeps it hot for 12 hours. It is amazing and so convinient. I will never use another water bottle again. ;)

Other than my usual travel tote, I always take a crossbody bag with me. Sometimes I like to switch it up and downsize what I carry during the day. This tassel crossbody is perfect when going out!

As much I love looking cute in heels, I live in flats...especially when I travel. And a nude pair is a obvious winner; this hue goes with everything.

Travel tip: When you really do not want to overpack, bring a duffel instead of a large luggage. It makes you really think about what you're going to bring, instead of just spilling your entire closet into one suitcase (I'm guilty of this LOL). I love duffels in fun prints like this one with the hearts...I might get this one, actually. :)

This is great to have while you travel because you really never know. This little life-saver brings everything from fashion tape, deodarant pads, stain-remover wipes, hair band, buttons, and just anything you can think of during a mini emergency. It is just amazing, and so convinient. Get it! Its $8 bucks!

Take it from the girl that brings like 10 lip products, but then only uses two out of the ten. LOL. Stick to mini size makeup items if you can. You will be surprised as to how little you use everything that you bring. This mini duo lipgloss set is great to throw in your purse; plus, its on sale! Get to it. ;)