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Florals are forever, Goodbye Summer!

Hey guys ! Sooooo I know by the time you read this I'll be already fully immersed into the European culture! I am currently in Europe living one of my biggest dreams, and it has finally come to a reality. Make sure to follow me on all social media for updates! I will try my best to be as active as I can, but I also have to think about that hefty bill I'm going to get by the time I come back home. LOL !! Just bare with me because I will try my best! <3

Ok let's jump into this outfit! You could probably tell that this simple outfit is planned around this fabulous bag! It it absolutely stunning in person, and the best part is that it is a crossbody ! I decided to pair it with a fun and bold neon top, which I love ! I sometimes dislike showing my arms too much, but I really love this top, its light and has such a nice fit! I'm a size 10 for reference (so its a L I'd say). This top also comes in many different colors which I do want to get later on! Furthermore, since there is so much color going on already, I went for some white denim to tone down the whole look; after all, this bag really is the center of attention. To finish, I wore my favorite pair of leopard pumps. I feel that these shoes really pulled everything together. Leopard print is a godsend, I swear! It's so classic and will never go out of style, TRUST!!!! Not to mention, that leopard print is considered a "neutral color", which means it looks fabulous with everything you pair it with !.
Finally, I think this outfit is a great way to slowly end the Summer time and slowly start to welcome Fall. Can you believe it?! Fall already! YAS. Bring on the neutrals, scarves, boots, dusters, the works!

Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it ! <3
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Bag: Aldo
Top: TopShop (on sale!) / more colors here & here
White Denim: MK via Marshalls / So many good ones here
Leopard Pumps: Sam & Libby / Similar here & on sale / More styles here too!


Happy Wednesday everyone ! So this week for me is filled with joy and excitement! Why? This weekend is my 26th birthday; its never to early to start celebrating so I wanted to get this up before I go away! Which brings me to some more amazing news, I'm embarking on my first trip abroad...guys, I'm going to Europe ! I still cannot believe it's finally happening. I've only dreamed of going to all these amazing places (if you follow me on social media, you'll find out where), or saved countless photos on my desktop, or watched videos, the list can go on and on. No, this time its the real deal; this time I AM going to be taking the photos, and I cannot wait to share this experience with you all. Although I am excited, I am also a little scared, I've never been on a flight more than 3 hours, so a flight that's a little over 8+ hours does sound intimidating to me; but in the end, I know it'll be fine. I'd just need to OD on some wine and fall asleep (haha jk!...not I'm not.). Also, as I quickly approach another birthday, all I can say is thank you! Thank you for coming weekly to read my thoughts and hopefully find some guidance and insight. Thank you for letting me inspire you here on the blog and all over social media. I must say I do this because I do truly love it, but mostly, I do it for you all. All your love, supports, comments, it means the world to me!

To add to this, and to welcome the big 2-6...
 here are 26 things that I've learned throughout the years..
(You could also refer back to this post as 
I did the same on my 24th, they are pretty good, go take a peek!)

26 little things...

1. Celebrate your accomplishments (even if its just a cup of wine, you deserve it!)

2. As you get older, friends come, and friends go, learn to accept that.

3. Family is everything guys, tell them you love them, every single chance you get!

4. The ones that care will always be by your side.

5. Before taking care of others, ALWAYS take care of yourself first.

6. Self-love is the best love; when you're confident in yourself, amazing things will happen.

7. Never let someone bring you down, they're just as weak as their statement.

8. It is never ok to just give up on something you want; take a break if needed, but NEVER give up.

9. There is no cure for a makeup addict. NONE. 

10. When all else fails, wear red lipstick and you'll instantly look red-carpet ready.

11. Leopard print is nothing short of amazing, it goes with EVERYTHING!


13. There's nothing a little chocolate can't fix. 

14. Lifting someones spirits does wonders to the soul.

15. Being humble goes a long way; they will remember you.

16. There's no glam behind being mean to someone; you'll notice that just being nice is much easier and fulfilling.

17. There's a fine line between being thankful and just straight up showing off.

18. Travel somewhere you have never been before. It needs to be done at least once in your life.

19. Learn to disconnect from work and spend time with the ones that truly matter.

20. Business is business (and it's strictly financial!); don't mix business & leisure.

21. Know your worth; when this is clear to yourself, it is clear to everyone else.

22. Never be afraid to try something new, those are the most memorable experiences.

23. Black lipstick is pretty life changing. Go and try some on. 

24. Lighting a candle can really change up your mood. 

25. There's no better feeling when you know your making a difference in someone's life.

26. Enjoy and ponder on the little things. 

Dress: Nordstrom (obsessed!) /I adore this one too!
Shoes: Sam Edelman / Identical pair here

Cheers to Summer sixteen... ! <3

boho florals

Hi there! I hope you are all having a great week :)  These past couple of days have been a little difficult for me on a personal level; so many things happening and so many things to do, but nonetheless, here I am! :)
Now let's jump into this easy-breezy outfit. 

Nautical Vibes & a honest heart

Happy Wednesday guys!
Can you all believe that we are already in the month of August?! It's unreal how quickly the time passes. Pretty soon, it'll be December and we'll be ringing in 2017! It's crazy to me,  and also to be honest, I've been thinking about every aspect about that lately.

"Off the grid" w/ SheIn

So I really enjoyed styling this outfit. As you can see, I went super simple because I felt this top really stood out and stole the spotlight. I knew I didn't need much to make this outfit work. The ruffles on this top are seriously to die for,
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