Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Happy Wednesday! I'm so happy that I finally put this post up! I've been wanting to write this one for almost 2 years now LOL (ever since I went to Europe with only a carry-on!) I just haven't been able to ..until now! Ever since that magical trip to Europe...I vowed I'll never check a bag at the airport again! Traveling with just a carry-on is amazing and super convenient. You never have to worry about checking a bag or it getting lost in translation. It honestly makes life so much easier. So this weekend coming up, I'll be traveling to New York for about a week! I'm so excited, the last time I was there I was bundled up from head to toe last February for fashion week. I'm so happy to be there again in warmer climates...which is what I prefer ;) I'm going with my mom to start her birthday celebration early! We love going together, we always have such a great time. I hope that'll also give me more time to blog through out that week, and keep it up to date with outfit posts and things to do!

Ok, lets get started. So, I'll be there for about 11 days and this is everything I'm packing clothes-wise. I won't be including toiletries or anything like that because then this post will be super long. If you want an in-depth look at what I pack in my travel shoulder this post! 

I'm going to break down everything into categories: 
-Pants/Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Rompers, Dresses,

Keep in mind I am packing for a "warm climate" trip. Take these tips and use accordingly to where you're traveling to!


2 pairs of shorts! 
(Although I changed my mind and I'm only bringing the black pair LOL)

2 pairs of denim: blue and white

2 skirts: chiffon maxi skirt, and a jersey asymmetrical one

1 black midi dress, 1 striped maxi romper, 1 striped romper

14 tops! Now before you think I'm a lunatic..just hear me out first LOL
Left (top) : 4 basic tops/tee in neutral colors (the gray one is a crop top)
Left (bottom): 4 basic tank tops for layering
Right side: 6 dressier tops ; these are all silk and chiffon material. Which can be worn with the basics I included.

 I am taking:
1 dressy sandal/heel, 2 flat sandals, 1 pair of sneakers and the pair that I'm wearing to the airport, which are my leopard booties!


I first build the foundation of the carry-on, starting from the bottom, which will store the more heavier pieces. I layer down both jeans, then the black dress, skirts, and the two rompers. All of this is in the bottom of the suitcase!

*tip: insert jeans only half  inside first, then when your done packing the carryon, the pieces of the jeans that are hanging from the sides can just be folded on the top! This method saves tons of space because jeans are bulky!

After I do this...I move on to the most difficult part..the TOPS!

I first layered the bottom of this medium packing cube with the 4 tank tops.
I then rolled up the rest of the tops, keeping the tops with more fabric around the edges and the simpler ones in the middle

Ta-da! this is how it looks all zipped up!
Yes, there are 14 tops in there! These packing cubes are a life saver and make packing so much easier.
Please get yourself a set..I found mine at Marshalls for $10!!!!

This is how my carry-on looks so far.
The bottom layer with the jeans, skirts, dress, rompers, and now the packing cube sits nicely on top of that!

I also place my makeup bag here like this because it fits perfectly.

Now once all of that is done, I place all of my shoes around the edges of the carryon, which is covered neatly with the first layer of the carryon. My dressier heels were able to fit right next to makeup bag as you can see.

When thinking about shoes you want to bring, wear the heaviest and bulkiest shoe to the airport. 
Pack the lighter shoes in the carry-on!

Now here is a peek inside of my makeup bag!
The items that are toward the bottom will go separate in the clear bag, which are my liquids.
Just in case TSA gets curious and wants to check something. I keep them separate so I won't have to move things around as much.

That is pretty much it! The other side of the carry-on is where I keep bath toiletries, hair brush, hair iron, underwear, bras, etc!

-Packing Cubes (set of three)
Love this set too ! 6 pc packing cubes set and comes in tons of colors!
- Travel Bag: Tory Burch York tote / Same style here
Makeup bag: Henri Bendel / Same style here
-Carry-on: Samsonite / check out similar styles here

I really hope this was helpful and encourages you to only travel with a carry-on on your next adventure! :)

Did I miss anything? Let me know what you love to travel with in the comments below.

See ya in the big apple !
Stay tuned to see all of these pieces styled :)

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