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This post is long overdue, but I wanted to share more about my Spring trip to Washington, DC ! It was such a beautiful experience that I wanted to share more photos here and talk a bit about the places we went ! 

We stayed in Alexandria, VA! I am so happy that I went with this route, instead of staying in DC. The DMV area is so close to each other that it is ideal to stay in VA and just drive to all of the highlights that you want to visit. Although most of the time, taking an uber is a better option. Lol.  Anyways, I was so particular about which week in March we should go. The main focus of the trip was to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, specifically around the tidal basin. This is the area where all the famous landmarks and monuments are. It was absolutely worth it all and all the research I did. Lol. 

When chasing the cherry blossoms, it sometimes varies so much because it simply depends on the weather and how warm or how cold its going to be. We went the last week of March and it was perfect! Although it was still pretty cold to be honest, we still thought it was well worth the trip. Washington, DC is so beautiful and most of the tourist attractions are FREE! 

Here is a recollection of photos of the places we went. Be sure to scroll through them all as I will caption the photos with more info. Thanks for stopping by. 



This area is called "Old Town" Alexandria. It is absolutely beautiful. The weather this day was perfect. Great area to grab lunch and do some shopping. They have cute little shops and also an area that is close to the water!

This italian restaurant was amazing ! Everything was delicious. This was also in Alexandria.

Besides the cherry blossoms, this tulip farm was another highlight of the trip. It was well worth the drive and time. It was absolutely magical. I'm so happy we took a chance to come here!! Half of the season they have tulips blooming and the other they have sunflowers!!!




You purchase tickets on their website once they are available in the respective season.

More info here

This below was near our air bnb. The area was so so beautiful and quiet and very family friendly!

The cherry blossom trees around the famous tidal basin. Totally worth it!!!!! It's amazing to see in person. The best time to come is when they have the cherry blossom festival as they also have tons of activities going on.

Here we in front of the White House! It was so underwhelming. I'm not sure why I thought it was going to be a gigantic building. It truly isn't. However, it was really cool to see in person.

This museum was so interesting and interactive. They had different rooms/areas according to each century. We loved it! It was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Another highlight was visiting the national archives! This is where the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights is housed! It reminded me of the movie National Treasure when we entered LOL!

The Library of Congress was absolutely beautiful !!!!

The tour of the U.S. Capitol was probably one of my favorites. It was short but we enjoyed every minute. Everything was so organized and the staff was just amazing. Reservations are recommended online because they go by time slots!

Another highlight was the Lincoln memorial! It is massive in person. So happy to be able to see it in person with my mom and Serena! =]

This place was on my list since before we ever landed. They are known for their insane pastries and the chocolate chip croissant. Worth the 7am wake up call ;) LOL In the afternoon and for dinner they offer French cuisine.

1027 7TH ST NW

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