Monday, May 19, 2014
Hiiiii :) HAPPY MONDAY !
Here are the outfits that I wore this past weekend. 
Long days of shopping...& more shopping :X lol I honestly think that I need to attend shopaholic anonymous or something.. (;

Anyways! Here's what I wore !

Wore this to go run some errands and purchase some luggage for my upcoming trip to New York ! I am soooooooo excited :D ....I had no luck finding one I liked though..I'm still looking.. :\

Top - i dont remember LOL // Skinny Jeans - Garage clothing (find it HERE! ) // Sandals - Old Navy // 
Bag - Kate Spade ( I bought mine at Sawgrass Mills Mall)

I wore this to out with my mom for a long day of shopping at Aventura mall. 
It's cute and comfy at the same time..

Biggie Top - Forever 21 // Blazer - JcPenney // Jeans - Levi's // Leopard Flats - Lauren Conrad //
 Bag - Kate Spade (I'm obsessed, I know lol ! )

The Lipstick I'm wearing is MAC's "Up the Amp" :)

Bistro Shrimp Pasta from the Cheesecake was soooooo good, but I couldn't finish it. I felt like I was going to explode loll

Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead ! :)


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