NYC takeover : Day 1

Saturday, June 14, 2014
Hello everyone ! And Happy Friday :) Finally the weekend is here.
This upcoming week is very special because I will be New York on vacation. I am so excited/happy to be back; it has been so long that I haven't visited. New York is simply magical, it inspires me so much. The buildings, the people, the fast life....THE FASHION. :)

Here are some photos from yesterday.
(Warning: This post is photo-heavy LOL)

Blazer, White Tank, and purse - Jcpenney // Harem Pants - Nicki Minaj Collection // Shoes - Old Navy // Shades - Betsey Johnson

mommmy ! :)

New York Public Library; so beautiful !

Empire State :))))

My grandma and I at Herald Square :)

My brother and I (historic picture right here, he hates taking pics LOL )

Until next time :)


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