"Rouge Louboutin"

Friday, July 25, 2014
HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE ! :) :) We finally made it !

Today I am here to share something uhhhh-mazing (well, I think it is loll ).

Just yesterday, Christian Louboutin launched his very own nail polish collection at Saks ! :D
As an avid shoe lover and nail polish hoarder like me, I thought it was just genius ! 
If you did not know, Christian Louboutin's signature red soles all started by him painting one of his shoe's sole with red nail varnish because he claimed the actual shoe designed wasn't as colorful as his original sketch.. And with that...it was how the red soles were born.
It was only right for him to pay ode to what started his empire...the red nail polish. 

The first of the collection named "Classic Red" is already available exclusively online at Saks . It will later be released on August 6 in other high-end department stores (Nordstrom and Sephora). This collection consists of 30 shades that will ALL be available on August 31st ! :)
I cannot wait to see all of them! I'm one that is always gawking over a pair of Loubies when I see them online or in-store, so I don't know if I could pass this up, LOL !

However, the luxury of Christian Louboutin nail polish comes with a steep price tag at $50 per bottle. I am one that it does hurt to pay $10 for a Essie nail polish...let alone $50 ! I am still clearly contemplating this (; But I don't know if I could resist.

What do you think..? DO you think it is worth the splurge..? I want to know your view on this or if your planning on getting it :)

Have a great weekend everyone, 
thank you for reading!


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