24 "life lessons" by 24

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Friday :)

You live and learn right..? My 24th birthday is just around the corner, so I thought these "life lessons" would be enlightening.

Enjoy !

Absolutely anything is possible, you just have to really believe in it to achieve it.

Speak up, and have a voice. I mean, who else is going to speak for you?

You are your own worst critic, don't be so hard on yourself!

Always dress your best, even overdress, WHO CARES !

Ever heard of taking your own advice..? Um yea, DO IT !

It is never TOO late to say you're sorry, and MEAN it.

Be nice to people (cliche right?) but it's true ! You don't know what they're going through; 
your smile could possibly make their day better.

Appreciate your parents, and show them ( They aren't getting any younger!)


Never EVER settle; there is always room for improvement, that is how you grow.

You deserve a lazy day once in a while.

Actually yield to yellow lights. Do not go faster and try to race past it ! (thank me later)

Try not to regret things, SHIT happens, move on.

Save yo' money honey! You'll be happier in the long run because you didn't spend it.
 ($$ looks better in the bank)

Brush those "haters" off; that's exactly what they are doing...hating. 
You are already above them.

Clubbing gets old, trust me ( I would go almost every weekend!) 
Save the time, energy, and money when there is REALLY something to celebrate.

This is the time in your life to make the MOST out of it; 
never let an opportunity pass you by.

Lead by example; don't follow the "leader".

There is no better feeling then feeling accomplished 
(well, I could think of a few, but you know what I mean LOL).... NEVER give up.

Treat yourself once in a while; in other words: GET THE SHOES.

There's nothing wrong with having a drink...or five ! Just know your limit, don't surpass it.

Do not procrastinate! Study for that test in advance.

Yes heartbreaks SUCK! But you live and learn, and blessings often come when you least expect it; I promise ! Don't lose hope. :)

You're young, indulge! And by this I mean that yes, it is OK to eat that slice of pizza or that krispy kreme donut, YOLO!

Live it up, it's the weekend! 
Thanks for reading. :)


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