Keep Up, Don't Give Up.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Being the type of person that I am, I usually always have something to say; Words ARE important, and so is having a voice, and not everyone uses this to their advantage. Having said that, I absolutely love shirts like this, I am all about empowering others and surrounding myself by positive vibes. A message as simple as this can truly make and brighten someone's day. Words really have a powerful temperament towards people, it could either inspire them or crush their dreams..just like that;  so that is why I truly love what Le Motto stands for. Words can really uplift someones spirit when they need it the most. I feel that positivity and meaningful words are something so simple that could really make all the difference in the world. It is just like karma, whatever you do and whatever energy you feed will reciprocate back to you; at least I believe that. Also, the best part from purchasing one of these shirts is that they donate part of the profits to educational programs, their current one funds "The Bully Project", which educates parents, teens, from all over the world on how to deal with the epidemic of bullying. 

I decided to go simple and paired it with white shorts (YES, if you're wondering, I wear white after Labor Day..I'm a rebel !) and a little pop of Leopard print with the shoes, because leopard makes everything better ! lol .

Shirt - c/o Le Motto 
Shorts - JCPenney 
Shoes - JCPenney (old) similar style here
Necklace - Sammy Dress
Bag - Call It Spring / similar style here


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