The Truth about..."Following your Heart".

Friday, October 17, 2014
Thank the lord Jesus...its FRIDAY!
 Ok so this post is a little different then usual, but I felt like it needed to be addressed. There's no better way to fulfill your utmost desires then to follow what your heart tells you. As cliche as it may sound, that is where your happiness lies. It's what you lay in bed thinking about, the ideas and thoughts that bounce around in your head waiting to become alive and manifest; its the vision that you have set for your future wondering when will it finally happen. Well, I hate to break it to you but Angels aren't going to fly down from the heavens and start singing in the direction you need to go; it has to come from within. The strength has to come from you. Trust me, there is a light at the end of the tunnel , and even when you reach it, you have to keep going. 

I am a prime example, as my first draft of this post was merely on a piece of paper that I was scribbling/thinking about during my tedious "work hours" through out the day; waiting 'til the clock hits 5:30 to rush home and pour my thoughts out to you guys. Although you should appreciate where you are in life now, you should never EVER settle..keep going ! When I first started this blog, I wasn't sure which route to take or what to write about to target an audience of interest. So I just took a leap of faith and began posting and writing from the heart; so far, I feel that it hasn't failed me. So with that being said my dear reader, I'm telling you to never lose sight of your goals and your dreams. Keep them alive, say them out loud, write them down, post them on your wall. I say this because when your caught up with life and working hard.....they will find YOU.

Here are some people that inspire me daily:
J.K. Rowling, Jennifer Lawrence, Janet Jones, Michelle Phan, 
The Fashion Poet, Dulce Candy, MakeupbyTiffanyD, Its Judy Time.

I hope this inspired you in some way 
or changed your perspective on things.

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Cheers to the weekend!



  1. You inspire me with your sweetness and genuine being! So happy you started blogging and to have met you. Keep going with your blogging. you have a lot of insight to share :)

    1. :) Thank you Annie! It means the world to me. **hugs**