DVF: "The Woman I Wanted To Be"

Friday, December 12, 2014

Hello everyone, and happy Friday!!!! :)
I wanted to share my recent experience; if you follow my instagram (@estephanie_820) then you know that last week I had the chance to meet the one and only Diane von Furstenberg at her new DVF store at Aventura mall! I must say it was amazing to meet her; she truly is an amazing person inside and out. 

When I first arrived, I was surprised at not seeing so many people. I honestly thought there would be a line outside of the store, but that wasn't the case at all. I was pleasantly surprised because I am not a fan of waiting LOL. You were able to purchase her book right there at the store, which was nice. OMG! and the store is an absolute dream; it had a museum vibe, especially how they have all of the clothes and accessories displayed. I especially liked the center display with all of her newest collection...and her iconic wrap dresses of course! If you haven't already, you must stop by and check it out ! :) Anyways, she arrived pretty quickly with her glam squad, and was super casual when she walked in haha. I'd say it took about a good 20-30 minutes until you arrived at the front of the line to meet her. Everyone that was there had the chance to get their book signed and take a photo with her ! :) I thought that made it so special and I really appreciated that. I have been to some signings that you barely get to shake the persons hand, let alone take a picture with them!!!! All in all, it was a truly memorable experience. :) 

With my blogger girls <3 Jillian / Cup of Charisma and Lucy / Girl of Style blog

A peak at the Christmas decorations at Aventura mall, they never disappoint. LOL
So festive & pretty !

I hope you enjoyed reading this.
Wishing you a wonderful Fri-yayyyy!


  1. Omg! What an experience!! She looks gorgeous as usual. How great that you were able to get two pictures with her!

    I haven't been to Aventura at Christmas since 2012. Actually, I haven't been to Aventura at all ever since! It's kinda far... And I'm done with my Christmas shopping so I have no excuse to go now other than to see all the decor. Lol.

    1. Hi ! :) Yes it was truly quite the experience!! SO happy that I had the chance to meet her ! lol

      And I agree, Aventura isn't my first choice either because it is a little far from me too, but its worth going..especially around this time LOL....such beautiful decor !

      thanks for reading, i appreciate it! :)