2015 Beauty Essentials

Sunday, January 11, 2015
Hi !
Today I bring you a few picks that I think (nah I'm kidding..that I KNOW) are necessary to add to your beauty routine if you haven't already for the new year!. I am a pretty simple girl when it comes to makeup, but all of these products are a staple and must haves  ! Trust me guys lol :)
All links to products are all right after each photo!

Let's start with the most important part....

Moisturizer :
My Pick ! I use the combo Oily-to-Oily skin formula. I have been using this moisturizer for god knows how long and it definitely keeps my skin from being too oily + dry! I apply it in the morning and sometimes at night if I remember lol. I always apply it when I do my makeup; it really help refresh and prime my face for foundation. This has been a constant repurchase by me.

Concealer : 

My Pick ! I have used a couple drug store brand concealers and they simply do not work for me. I have really dark under eye circles OMG :( And this concealer works wonders ! PLUS it has SPF 35 :) This is definitely my go-to ! I use the shade NW25

Matte Powder : 

My Pick ! I have been using this matifying powder for quite some time now and it definitely works really well ! I have such oily skin, UGH ! This really helps me keep my face matte throughout the day! I apply it like 1-2 times. (I think it's time for a new one haha)

Lip Balm : 

Ok so I am obsessed with these ! I think I own like 5-6 of these babies LOL.... They glide on so soft on your lips and they smell so good. One thing I use these for is to of course moisturize my lips, but I also apply some before I wear any matte lipstick ! I hate when my lips feel dry, so these definitely help keep the moisture ! ;)

Nude & Red Lipstick : 

My Pick ! My ALL TIME favorite nude lipstick is MAC's Half N Half. It is such a nice color. A mix between a light nude/orange/brown. It has the right amount of color that doesn't overpower your lips. I just LOVE it :)

My Pick ! I have a couple of red shades that I love like MAC's Ruby Woo and Riri Woo (which are the same right? LOL ). But the one that I use ALL the time is Revlon's "Love that Red". It is a "red-orange" shade, and it photographs beautifully.

Every day neutral shadows :

The Naked Palettes 1 & 3

top: Naked 1 / bottom: Naked 3

My Picks ! I have a couple of eye shadow palettes but I usually gravitate toward these two. The Naked 1 because it literally offers all neutral colors; which are all essentials. The Naked 3 because of its rose, pinks, and taupey colors that are just beautiful and you are able to mix between both palettes to create a look. I think you'd love them too!

Mascara : 

My Picks ! If I had to pick my favorite beauty product ever, it would have to be mascara ! The main reason why I love it is because I could just wear it alone with a light powder and I still look put together (even if I am half asleep haha). These two are worth the splurge; they both give your lashes a ton of volume. Also, the best part is that they are long lasting and do not smudge! I really appreciate those kinds of details in a product. :)

Brushes :

My Picks! I have quite a few brushes that I utilize when I am doing my make up; but the two that I think are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to have is the MAC 224 blending brush and the MAC 195 concealer brush. I have had these brushes for I don't know how long and they still look new to this day! They are definitely worth the investment. As for the other essential eye shadow brushes, my everyday brushes are all from E.L.F cosmetics. The quality is good (sometimes I've had to replace some) and they get the job done. My favorites from them are the studio eye shadow brush and their kabuki brush for face powder.

Brush Cleanser :

My Pick ! I love this stuff ! It's great when I am trying to just spot clean the brushes that I am currently using. It takes all the makeup right off :)


I don't know about you but I cannot go a week without changing my nail color ;) I get bored pretty quickly and I am always trying out new colors. Some of favorites are Essie's "french affair" , OPI's "You're such a budapest", Wet n Wild's " I Red a good book" and Essie's "Chinchilly". 

I really hope this helped you gather some picks for your next shopping trip ;)
What are some of your favorites?!
I am looking for a new matifying powder! Let me know ;)


Thanks for reading :)

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