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Friday, February 6, 2015
Lippie 101
Hi !
So I wanted to share my view about this because it has been bouncing around in my head for a couple of days. How long is too long of the ownership of a lip product? If you guys did not know, lipsticks and lipglosses have an expiration date sometime! Most of the time, the texture isn't the same or the nice scent they once had is non-existant; yeah that's your cue to toss them. In my case, sometimes its difficult to get rid of things. Especially if it came in limited edition packaging or I think to myself "I'll use it eventually" and never do LOL...I know we all go through this at least once in our life (if you haven't noticed by now when reading my posts, I tend to be a bit dramatic ;) Anyways, as I write this post, I am sitting here contemplating and staring at my little container full of lip products and realizing nearly half of them are barely even used. Despite of this reality, I keep purchasing more and more (don't we all..?) . 

So here are five tips for you my friend
 if you're having a hard time parting ways with them ;)

1. Check your lip product stash monthly, 
and keep in mind the ones that you use the most often.

2. Check the bottom of the lipstick/lipgloss for a number code of some sort (typically this goes for MAC lipsticks and glosses) For instance, "A73". The number seven stands for the month it was made in (July) and the three stands for the last number of the year (2013). *see photo below*

3. If they seem dry ( and I am not talking about matte)...get rid of it!
 If (lip glosses) have a slight odor to them 
and seem too sticky..get rid of it!

4. Keep the ones you tend to use the most somewhere visible, 
and when you get bored... switch them out with other ones...

5. Keep them organized! That way you know what you have and 
you'll rediscover shades you forgot you had instead of buying more!

Lifespans (approximately):

Lipstick : 2 years
Lipgloss : 1 year

Other ones that are good to know:

Mascara : 2-3 months (opened)
Foundation : 2 years
Concealer : 1 year
Nail Polish : 1-2 years
 (I failed on this one lol)

Thanks for reading!
I hope this was helpful :)

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