Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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So I am really loving the fact that these days have been flying on's already Wednesday! I am already looking forward to the weekend; Do you guys feel the same? These couple of days have been so tiring! I'm sure it was because I barely had any sleep Satuday night + Sunday morning; all due to the craziness of the Lilly Pulitzer collection at Target! Were you guys able to purchase anything? Let me tell you that it was some sort of a organized chaos you could say. I arrived around 7:15 a.m. and there was already a handful of people at the door. Needless to say by 8am, there was a significant amount of people. When those doors open, it was literally "every man for himself"; you see people scrambling and running toward the clothes, accessories, and diving into the home decor. I rather enjoyed it, and found it amusing LOL. I purchased a couple of things that I will be sharing soon once I receive it all !

Wow, I was completely off topic...but anyways, let's talk about this romper. First, let me tell you how I stumbled upon it. I was in the mall shopping (tell me something new, right?! lol) and I was just about to leave until I saw this romper on a store mannequin. I swear, I felt like it was talking to me and telling me to come inside (so I did!). Have you guys seen the movie "Confessions of a shopaholic".? And how the mannequins were talking to Rebecca Bloomwood..? It was JUST like that. LOL ;), I totally fell in love with it. I was even more happy with the way it fit me; it's really flattering on. My favorite part about it would have to be the crochet detailing on the back; it gives it so much character; and of course, I had to pair it with my favorite gladiator sandals. I always get compliments on these and they go with just about everything! I also completed the look with my black floppy hat, which was great because it was scorching hot outside this day!

Ok, I'm done haha ;) thank you so much for reading! The outfit details are at the end of the post! Also let me know if you were able to purchase something from the Lilly + Target line! I would love to know what you got! <3


RomperPapaya Clothing (exact!) I am LOVING this one too!
Gladiator SandalsGo Jane / Love this color too !
HatForever 21
Bag: Kate Spade / Similar style here

Photos by: Jannely; The Fashion Buffet

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