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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hi there!
So I am currently still in a mini-vacation mode; Was it just me, or did this "long" weekend just fly by?. I cannot believe it passed so quickly. I think that the more we look forward to something sometimes, the quicker it ends...how sad. LOL :\ So...did you do anything special this Memorial weekend? Anything exciting? :) Mine was great; we celebrated my Dad's birthday this passed Saturday, so that was fun. I also went to the beach after so long; its been months since the last time I went; isn't that crazy? This sometimes makes me think that we take what we have for granted? Like in my case, living here in Miami and having the luxury and easy access to the beach that is just 20 minutes away..? I sometimes have to stop and think that I am really lucky to call this place home. Also, lately I've been really trying to do different things during the weekend or throughout the week. As well as plan and try something new, such as, explore another city, indulge in a whole day at a museum, swim with dolphins..etc. So far in my twenty-fours years of life I think I have just played it safe and just stuck to a "safe" routine; as in went to school, earned a degree, find a decent job. My heart has been yearning the spontaneous and the unknown lately, so I am going to try my best to feed it...I have many exciting ideas and trips coming up and I cannot wait to share them with you all :D ...So with that being said, jump at ANY opportunity that is presented to you; whether it be for leisure, business, family-related...you name it, just go out there and do it !!

All outfit details are below
Thank you so much for reading !! :)

I pretty much fell in love when I laid my eyes on this jumpsuit. It has the perfect feminine cut, almost resembling a sweet heart neckline. What really sold me was this amazing pastel baby blue color...or is it lilac..? Either way, it is an amazing color to wear and flatters every skin tone. I love that it's also slightly pleated and it has pockets! I thought that was a nice touch + its convenient. So, the best part of all was that I scored this jumpsuit at Marshalls for only $16 ! You know I was happy when I saw that price ;) I purchased it at the Marshall's in Midtown Miami, for any locals that are curious. Also, I cut my hair a bit, did you notice?! haha..I was tired of my long and dull hair, so this was a refresher for me; Now it is definitely more managable to deal with. :)

Jumpsuit: via Marshalls (very similar HERE)
 / Shop more Jumpsuits HERE (all on sale!)
Nude Heels: JcPenney



  1. My vacation mode is loading and I'm so excited. Happy Birthday to your dad. You look amazing, lovely jumpsuit. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/

    1. yayy :) We all need a vacation lol...and thank you!!! <3

      xo Estephanie