Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hi :) Happy Wednesday!
In my opinion, Miami is seriously the melting pot of the U.S. So many different people and cultures; as well as various ways in how people express themselves. The emerging arts here in Miami is something that we take seriously, so I had to share this with you all. I'm sure you are all familiar with the "Wynwood" walls that reside here; if not, check it out here; if you ever take a trip down to Miami, it is defnitely a hot spot. Keeping that in mind, a couple weeks ago I read an article about how they are bringing an "art district" down to Hialeah naming it the "Leah Arts District". I grew up around this area since I was seven years old, so I was excited and curious to go and check this "place" out. I won't lie, it definitely cannot be compared to how Wynwood is today, but the "Leah Arts district" definitely has the potential to grow and become another city "landmark". I was quite impressed with all of the murals that are currently there; so beautiful and detailed. Each different mural there has a story to tell and they sure do depict some Hialeah roots :). Hopefully as time progresses, they will add on to the walls that are already there! :) You should definitely go and visit and see them for yourself.  It's located at 1501 E 10th st Hialeah, FL.

On another note; here I finally wore the Lilly Pulitzer espadrilles; they look so cute on with this pink striped blouse! :) I wore them with these white shorts I've had for quite some time now; they are my favorites. I love outfits like these; I love wearing heels from time to time, but I am definitely all about comfort. :)

thanks for stopping by! Let me know your thoughts below. :)

One of my favorites, isn't it awesome?! Here's the artist on Instagram: @nmsalgar 

BlouseForever 21 
ShortsNew York & Co (on sale!)
ShoesTarget (great selection of espadrilles online!)
BagMichael Kors (exact!)


  1. I need miami def sometime soon, very soon! love that wall art :) your blouse is also lovely.


    1. Hi there ! :) thank you for your sweet comment.
      Yes you should come and visit soon !!!!! :) the art around here is
      awesome ;)