Travel Essentials!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016
travel essentials

Hi and welcome back to my blog. 
Today I bring you a quick but helpful post on some things to take when you travel. I will be traveling this month to Georgia, so I wanted to put together some essentials, so you could keep it in mind when you plan your next trip!

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below!
Or which is an item you cannot travel without?


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I'm obsessed with over-sized sunglasses, especially for traveling. They go great with any outfit, and great to wear on your "no makeup" days..LOL.

How cute is this World map pillow?! I love taking mini pillows with me when traveling, particularly on the plane. It makes it more enjoyable, especially when sometimes the airplane seats aren't the comfiest. 

A must-have. There's no such thing as a bad hair day with one of these. ;) lol

I love getting cute little makeup bags like this; it makes it more fun when I'm packing, and are great for on the go for just about everything.

Another must have essential I must say. I dislike taking my regular size makeup brushes when I travel sometimes because they take up too much room....or let's be real, I forgot (or didn't want) to clean my main makeup brushes. haha. This is a great set to take when traveling to do your makeup.

It's great to sometimes journal when you travel; To take note of that exact moment and write down how you feel. I think it makes it much more memorable when this is done. It is just like when you look back on photos, written memories are just as good. I love notebooks with quirky and positive affirmations. They are great!

YOU. NEED. THIS. BOTTLE. I have one and I use it everyday. It keeps your beverages cold for 24 hours, or it keeps it hot for 12 hours. It is amazing and so convinient. I will never use another water bottle again. ;)

Other than my usual travel tote, I always take a crossbody bag with me. Sometimes I like to switch it up and downsize what I carry during the day. This tassel crossbody is perfect when going out!

As much I love looking cute in heels, I live in flats...especially when I travel. And a nude pair is a obvious winner; this hue goes with everything.

Travel tip: When you really do not want to overpack, bring a duffel instead of a large luggage. It makes you really think about what you're going to bring, instead of just spilling your entire closet into one suitcase (I'm guilty of this LOL). I love duffels in fun prints like this one with the hearts...I might get this one, actually. :)

This is great to have while you travel because you really never know. This little life-saver brings everything from fashion tape, deodarant pads, stain-remover wipes, hair band, buttons, and just anything you can think of during a mini emergency. It is just amazing, and so convinient. Get it! Its $8 bucks!

Take it from the girl that brings like 10 lip products, but then only uses two out of the ten. LOL. Stick to mini size makeup items if you can. You will be surprised as to how little you use everything that you bring. This mini duo lipgloss set is great to throw in your purse; plus, its on sale! Get to it. ;)


  1. Esteph, such a good job on this point! EVERYTHING is on point and yes very much needed... LOVING the emergency kit :)

  2. Those sunnies are gorgeous! Loving the crossbody bag too!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane