Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Hi everyone! Welcome back :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I felt like this weekend passed by just a little too quickly, wouldn't you agree? I am already looking forward to the next one of course! ;) Oh! I want to thank you all for all the amazing comments on my last post about my 'blogiversary' and that amazing floral skirt set.! If you missed it, you could catch up HERE. It also made an appearance on! You could read my short article HERE as well, super cool! :)

Anyways, today I am talking all about beauty products!
 Although fashion and clothes have my heart, everything that has to do with beauty is in 2nd place lol. Today I'm sharing some products that I have really been loving; some you've seen before, and some are brand new, and they are great for Spring.

Lets get started (I'm linking everything below each photo + the products on the photos are clickable!!)


I've linked each product here if you perfer to read and look at the product too! :)

 Alright, let's start with this; I have been looking (and still am) for a good daily moisturizer. As some of you know if you follow me on my daily shenanigans on social media, that I've been a die-hard loyal fan of the Clinique daily moisturizer. It's what I used almost everyday, but I've been noticing that it hasn't been doing much for my skin lately, so I decided to try something new. I purchased this ELF moisturizer because I love ELF cosmetics and decided to try it out! It's been almost two weeks that I have been using it, and I have to say I really like it! It smells pleasant, applies well on the face, and it feels refreshing. Another thing I love is that it leaves a smooth base for makeup application (I loved that!). One aspect that's a little iffy is that you have to wait a couple of minutes for it dry completely before you do anything else, which I didn't mind. Plus, its only $8! You can't beat that. :)

 This is a really interesting lip product, and it really lives up to its name. It's kind of like a lip balm with a tint of color, which in this case, its red! I have been using this during the day sometimes when I don't feel like applying any color to my lips, especially when I am at work. The consistency is great and the color is buildable, so whether you want a slight red tint or wear it over you're favorite red lipstick, it is great for everyday wear! 

 This quad is so great for everyday! I've used it a couple of times and I really enjoyed it. Although I do not use eyeshadow too often, I would definitely recommend this quad. It has great neutrals that are versatile to wear during the day and night. I also really like the packaging! It's sleek and has magnetic closure, so you could take this baby on the go anywhere!

 I am sure you're sick of reading (and hearing) of how amazing this mascara is. But I continuously talk about it because it is worth the hype, and YOU need it in your life; like, ASAP!

This is another product I'm obsessed with because it is such a great color. It's a beautiful shimmery champagne color. It is great to apply all over the lip for a makeup look, or on your lower lashline, which is what I do. It instantly wakes up my face (especially if I just woke up lol!). I also use it in the inner tear-duct, which also looks nice. I will always repurchase this color! Obsessed,

(Clickable photo!)

Here's another look at some of  the products that I was talking about above from Fiona Stiles! I also love that this brand is high-end, but it's still so affordable if compared to other brands, which I truly appreciate, and had to share with you all. You could check out other products HERE!

 I love trying out new mascaras, and this one is really good. What I thought is really unique about this mascara is that its a purple hue, as opposed to the usual brown or black. But even though its purple, you cannot tell when you apply it; when applied it looks black! It separates my lashes and gives them great volume in the most delicate matter. It's a little hard to explain, but there's absolutely no clumping and it applies evenly on your lashes (no spider lashes here!). 

Colors shown: "Kourt K" (true dark purple) and "Mary-Jo K" (true red)

Now who would I be if I didn't mention and talk about these 'Kylie Jenner' liquid lipsticks?! I must say, I truly enjoy them and the color pay off is incredible. The colors I have (Kourt K and Mary-Jo K) apply on great and they apply thinly, meaning that you could build up the color without it getting dry and clumpy, which I like! These "lipsticks" last the entire day and do not budge; NOT kidding! They also smell like cupcakes, which is a plus for me; I love products that smell good when you apply them, it makes it much more pleasant. As for the lip liners that they bring, which are creamy and very pigmented when you apply it. Although, I don't really reach for lipliner too much, I try to implement it if I remember lol :)

I know these kits are pretty difficult to get your hands on each time they are released(restocked) on their website; but trust me, if you really want one, keep trying! They are usually restocked during the weekend or the beginning of the week, just stay updated on their instagram! And please, DO NOT buy from someone that inflates the price to $60-$100 a pop, that's just plain ridiculous. Be patient and pay your $40 for a kit. (They are each $29 for both a lipstick and liner, but with shipping, its about $40). In my opinion, they are worth buying but not for a higher price!

I raved about this scent in social media, and now here on the blog, lol. It smells amazing. EVERYONE needs this perfume in their life. It's quite difficult to describes scents, so I won't try but here is how they describe it online: "A delicate caress of pure white magnolia & silky soft cashmere". It's magical! 


Thank you so much for reading; I hope this is helpful on your next beauty purchase. Also, let me know what products you're loving, I LOVE trying out new products :)


*Fiona Stiles products were sent to me for consideration; all opinions are my own.
* Ralph Lauren 'Tender Romance' was sent to me by Influenster to review; all opinions are my own.


  1. I love this post!! I'm definitely going to have to try some of these :)

    1. Hi !!! Yes you do :)
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