Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If there's one article of clothing that I'd wear over and over during the Spring (or any season really) , it would have to be the quintessental maxi dress. It's one of those pieces that are never difficult to style because they are so easy to wear. Dress it up with a jacket and some wedges, or dress it down with some flat sandals and a cute floppy hat! However you decide to wear it, you will ALWAYS look put together (or giving off the vibe that you spent almost 50 hours getting ready, when it only took you 10 mins, trust me!) When you shop for them, keep in mind these three key points: cut, length, and material. First, the cut just simply means that the dress could be strapless, halter, thin straps, off the shoulder, etc. I personally love halter and off the shoulder! Next, when you're trying one on, always look at the length, some could be way too long or short or ankle length (which sometimes could have an awkward fit so be careful lol) . Finally, it comes down to the material; Try to gravitate toward (maxi) dresses that are either rayon (stretchy material) or chiffon. I have noticed that these types of material will last you a long time, so in some cases, you don't have to feel guilty if you decide to splurge on one because you know it'll last you a very long time. Another great option to look for is for a quirky print (solids are nice, but a fun print takes it to another level of fabulous). For instance, the one I am wearing here is a "subtle" tribal print. What I mean by "subtle" is that its not a loud print, BUT, its not boring either. Which reminds me of this dress that I absolutely adore, check it out if you can !

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Maxi Dress: Target / Love this one too !
Shoes: SJP Collection / Same style here and for $12!
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang
Bag: Kate Spade


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  1. I love all things maxi - maxi dresses or skirts!! This is a beautiful one on you, love the print and the strapless neckline. This would make a great for a great vacation dress!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane