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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Happy Wednesday guys!
Can you all believe that we are already in the month of August?! It's unreal how quickly the time passes. Pretty soon, it'll be December and we'll be ringing in 2017! It's crazy to me,  and also to be honest, I've been thinking about every aspect about that lately.
Time. It stops for noone. It does not matter what you're going through, time just keeps going. What I am getting at is that no matter what life brings you, always try to live your most authentic life as much as you possibly can guys! Life is extremely short, and maybe some won't realize until later in life, but the most riskiest choices you make are the best ones! We are all destined for something greater than ourselves, so it is up to us (and the rest of our life) to go and seek it. We weren't put on this earth to be mediocre or to live a routine life. I always end up talking about this one way or the other, but its the plain truth! That's just unacceptable. I know we all have responsibilities and obligations (my self included) but there's no excuse to not live a little almost everyday. After all, every day that passes by means we are closer and closer to leaving this earth, so why not spend some time (if not, all) doing something that makes us truly happy? 
I would love to read your thoughts on this please, let me know ! 

On another note, let's get into this little getup now..shall we?
Bright and bold is always in people. Especially when you mix a "loud" print and a bold color. The mix between the orange top and the naxy stripes on the shorts are nothing short of perfect! This is a great outfit for everyday, not even kidding; just the shorts alone could be matched with so many different colors. I see these with a ruffled pink top (Like this one I wore a couple weeks ago) or maybe neon yellow. The possibilities here are endless. It's one of the reasons I love fashion and styling so much, it really let you get creative and experiment with color. I also appreciate a top that has subtle details that still make a statement. This orange top lets you tie around the neck into a bow! It's a great little accent and it lets you get away from wearing any accessories (which you can totally still wear though!). Last but not least, these flats! Everytime I wear these ballet flats, they are always the topic of conversation. Not to mention, they are so comfortable and lightweight! I adore the criss-cross elastic band it features and it fits nicely on the foot; truly ballerina vibes! :)

Thanks for stopping by <3

Photos by: Luccia Photos

TopJcPenney ($14!)/ Adore this one too!
Shorts: Marshalls! / Very similar here & more here
Ballet flatsJcPenney (the most comfortable flats you'll ever own!)

Photos by: Luccia Photos


  1. It,s difficult to be able to do something we really love and have enough money to survive in this society. For that we must have the chance to live from a carreer thta is our passion. I try to reachthis goal since many years and i must say that it's hard to arrive to the goal. And i love these ballerina flats :-)

    1. Hi Mario,

      Yes I agree, it is difficult to sometimes juggle your passion and make a steady income to live comfortably. And for that I say hard work comes into play ! Hard work always pays off! :)