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Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog ! I am so excited to finally share Paris with you all. This was one of the last stops in Europe, and it was definitely one of the most anticipated and memorable ones as well. Paris had been a dream of mine for a very long time and to finally acheive this dream is incredible. Although there are no words to describe this beautiful city, I'll definitely try today lol.

So right after Switzerland (you could catch up on that adventure here), we packed our bags again and took a two hour train ride to Paris ! Train rides do take a little longer, but its a great way to really see the scenery before you arrive at your destination. So when we arrived in Paris, we checked into our hotel, which was the Ibis Hotel. It was a really pleasant experience and the hotel was situated in a very convinient area. It was close to many places to shop and eat; as well as, it was walking distance to a convinience store (which they had water there for only 1 euro; we take so many things for granted at home..they charge for water everywhere in Europe lol) and it was nearby the area to take the train to the main parts of Paris. 

After we checked in, we then took a train (subway) to a very well known area in Paris named, Trocadero, which is one of the best views of the Eiffel tower. So you already know up until this point, I was already feeling overwhelmed and still felt like I was dreaming lol. When we first got to Paris, I thought you could see the eiffel tower in the distance from any area point, but it really wasn't like that at all. So anyways, when we got off the train and made our way toward Place du Trocadero ( I was literally almost sprinting haha) it was filled with so many people, from locals, to tourists, to street vendors, you name it! So finally, when we turned the corner....there SHE WAS ! In all of her glory... the Eiffel Tower. It was such an overwhelming feeling that I felt in that moment because I felt like I finally made it. LOL; after so long of saving countless pictures, researching, plastering photos of it all over my room...I was finally there, and it was the best feeling ever. Needless to say, I got a bit emotional and started crying, and I just hoped no one saw me lol. ( I was wearing sunglasses, so I don't think so). So when you're there, you see people taking photos, enjoying the views or laying down and chilling in the grass area drinking some wine. Guys, this is not something out of a movie, it was real life...people actually do that lol. It was such a great day, especially being able to share it with such great people in my group, which I miss them all dearly by the way. So we stayed in Trocadero for a little while until it was time to go on a mini cruise around the Seine night ! It really is one of the best ways to view the city, especially at night, everything feels much more alive. Also, at night the eiffel tower sparkles every hour for 5 mins between the hours of 9-10p. It was so beautiful!!!! I still can't believe I was able to witness that. Dreams really do come true. 

Below I highlight some of the top attractions that are a must visit while in Paris. :) Hope you enjoy !

View of the Eiffel Tower from the Seine river cruise :)

Another check off my bucket list! The Notre Dame cathedral is absolutely magnificent. It looks so small from the front..but the back of the building is massive and filled with so much culture. It is definitely a must see inside; as well as going up the 387 steps to the very top to get an awesome view of Paris. The cost is about 9 euros; It's definitely a workout, but so worth it ! 

The amazing Louvre museum is a MUST DO in Paris. It is massive and is home to so many amazing works of art, including the Monalisa herself. I don't think I was able to tour the entire grounds because it is so big, but I was able to touch upon the main rooms. Tickets go for around 16-17 euros and you could great deals and more attractions here

The Arc de Triomphe is a dream, and such a busy street !! You could really tell the French do not follow any type of rules while driving here. LOL...This area is a great photo opportunity. :)

This amazing view is from all the way up the Eiffel Tower. I think this is one of the top things you need to do while you're there. It's about 17 euros and it includes the elevator ride to the middle of the tower, and to the very top! I went around 5-6p, which was the best time! There was no lines to purchase tickets or to go was great!!! I feel that during the morning and early afternoon is when it gets busy with people. Also, I'll admit, it was pretty scary because the elevator was going up on a slanted surface/angle! But that view was worth the scare. lol. There is also a restaurant and shops up there! As well as a mini section where a man is selling wine in a glass! From the bottom, you would never know that there would be so many things to do. 

Icecream after going up...Life is good. lol

The Palace of Versailles is a touristy spot, but its a must do! I would recommend this if its your first time in Paris (it was for me, so I went!). The property is crazy massive and full of luxury. We had a great tour guide with us so it was easy to walk around. At the end, you were able to walk around the property, especially outside to its amazing gardens!! Tickets start around $70, but it all depends where you purchase it. There's various sites that you could get your money'd worth and bundle some excursions that include the Palace! More info here

In the Hall of Mirrors. Super "casual" hall for my future birthday party. ;) lol

The palace Gardens

More memorables places to go and see...

- The Basilica of Sacre Coeur ( I wasn't able to go because I had other things planned, but when I go back, Im going!)

- Montmartre: Visit Montmartre! See where the Bohemians live. it's a great area full of street artists and cute little shops. 

- Go and experience the Catacombs of Paris . It is basically underground corridors stacked with bones. It's amazing how its been preserved. It is said that it was the headquaters of the Resistance during WWII.

- Eat a crepe. No visit is complete in Paris if you do not try one of their famous crepes. I had one (nah I had like 3 lol) and it was filled with nutella and banana. SO GOOD. There's a really good place right across the street from Notre Dame. The best 5 euros you'll ever spend. 

- Visit the exclusive Fragonard Parfumeur factory! You get a guided tour of the grounds of how they make their Fragonard perfumes and a brief history of when and how perfume was great! Plus they only sell it in Paris, it is not distributed at all! It is only available in Paris and online ! More info here and shop here

- Go have some tea in the Tuileries gardens of the Louvre museum. It's filled with a beautiful ambiance and greenery. So pretty!

- And if you have time...GO to Disneyland PARIS !!! (This is another place I want to visit if and when I visit again!)

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this was helpful in planning your visit to Paris. 
It was great reliving these memories.

'til next post.


  1. I enjoyed every word and every picture❤️ Thank you for sharing your adventure and take my mind to such an amazing place✨

  2. I'm dying to visit the beautiful city of Paris!

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