Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy November, and welcome back guys ! I hope you all had a nice Halloween weekend. It's been AGES since I dress up for Halloween, and after seeing everyone in their great costumes, I decided that I am definitely going to get creative next year! I always have so many ideas but never end up doing anything! Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me pretty often. lol. If you dressed up this year, I would love to see your costumes; just tag me on instagram (@Estephanie_820) #StylinWithEstephanie so I can see; I already have a couple of ideas for next year (it's never too early!). 

So let's just into this outfit. Ohhh, this color combo makes me so happy. Some may find mixing prints to be difficult, but I'm here to tell you that it's not...its actually super easy. I already had the idea of mixing the camo jacket with the red tanktop in my head from the beginning. Camoflauge is a neutral print (at least for me) and it goes with pretty much any color in the rainbow. That's how I go by when mixing prints, stay in the "neutral" lane; that's where the leopard pumps come in! Leopard print is another neutral print that goes with basically anything you wear. I promise. It's definitely bold and daring, but it ALWAYS makes a statement. I saw some killer leopard print booties this past weekend at Target, and I'm kind of itchy and wanting to go back to purchase. LOL. So this is my tip to you, stick with the basic neutrals when mixing prints. Although camo and leopard are bold, they mix well together and they totally make your outfit stand out! 

Other prints that are great to mix together:

Plaid + Leopard

Snakeprint + Stripes

Leopard + Snakeprint

Stripes + Stripes (Vertical or Horizontal! It works so well!)

Also not every print has to be a piece of clothing persay, it could be accessories! For instance it could be shoes (like how I did here) , or a chic scarf, a belt or some statement printed sunglasses! The possibilities are endless here. 

Thanks for reading <3 Hope this was helpful.
p.s. I have endless inspiration daily on my instagram(Estephanie_820) and on my pinterest! I've recently discovered pinterest and it's UHHH-mazing. Find me under "Miss Estephanie" and follow my style boards, I'm sure you'll love it & find plenty of ideas. :)

Photos by: Luccia Photos

Camo Jacket: Forever 21 / love this one too
Red tank top: Forever 21 / I own too many of these.
Jeans: Levi's / Just bought these & I'm obessed. $30! 
Leopard pumps: Target /  Try these 
Chain Necklace: Etsy


  1. Those are some great styling tips. I would love to see how you would style the snake print with stripes :)

  2. Never think about mixing camouflage with leopard, have to give it a try. Thx for sharing the tips (: