Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone ! :)
So I wasn't even sure if I was going to post today because I've been drowning in tons of things to do before I leave this weekend on vacation ;) Make sure to follow me on my instagram to see what I'll be up to!..HINT: cruisin" someplace warm ;) Anyways, I've seen these DIY mug projects all over pinterest, so I thought it would be fun to make a couple and tell you guys how I made them! Especially since we're in the holiday season already, and I thought these would make great and thoughtful gifts! The best part is that it is SUPER easy to do..even a baby could do it..ok maybe not, but you get what I mean. Lol.

Here you'll see some of the ones I made with different sayings. If you know me, these phrases are truly my aesthetic so I really love how they came out. But of course, you could write virtually anything you want on them. Fun and quirky phrases make a memorable gift, in my opinion.!

Ok so to make these diy mugs, you'll need...

-A plain ceramic mug : I got mine at the Dollar Tree for a $1 ea! The cheaper the mug, the better bc there's less glazing so the marker will stay on!

- Sharpie marker in whatever color you desire (Black goes on best!)
-Oil-based sharpies work great too!

-Clear wrapping (optional ,this is just to gift-wrap up the mug once you're done)

Quick Directions:

-Since the surface your working with isnt flat, I first wrote out what I wanted to put on my mug on a small paper and taped it on the mug to get an idea of how it would look... (see below)!

(I wrote out my words and taped it on paper to the mug, as shown here)

** I taped it on one mug and wrote the saying on another one..that way it was easy to know how much space to leave between each word!**

(Mug shown here how it came out when I actually wrote on the mug!)

-Then leave it out to dry over night.
-For extra protection, you could put it upside down in the oven and bake it at 250 degrees for about 20 mins to set the marker!

After that, the sky's the limit with what you could write.
I chose things that I loved..which is my blog, and traveling.!
If you guys try this out..tag me in your photos I would love to see :)

Please share the fun and pin this image below if you found this helpful ;)

Happy Holidays!

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