Monday, February 13, 2017

Hi guys ! So I've been wanting to write this post for quite some time now and I thought it was perfect now that I'm currently in New York for a couple days for a exciting event! Follow along on my snap chat & instatories to see highlights of what I'll be doing & where I'll be going.  

So let's get started! These are a few things that I always take with me when I travel. It usually varies from time to time but these I've found have always stayed true. 

Travel Bag: Tory Burch York Tote
Just got this baby a couple weeks ago and I absolutely adore it! It has so many compartments to organize everything! It is so great! The only down part that it could get and feel a bit heavy once you pack it, but I don't mind at all. I'm so happy with it!

1. Aveeno Makeup Wipes: I don't know about you, but on planes rides, I tend to get more oily than usual (ugh, I know), so these wipes are a lifesaver! Especially since the air inside the plane is recycled, it makes my skin act a little weird, so these makup wipes really help. I've been using these for a very long time now and they are my absolute favorite. They have a subtle and pleasant scent and instantly make you feel refreshed. I also use these to take off my makeup if I forget to pack my makeup cleanser!

2. External phone battery: A MUST on every trip in my book. There's nothing more annoying than your phone dying in a fabulous photo-op! Or even worse, during an emergency. This was a god-send last Summer when I went to Europe. I'd say it charged my phone 2-3 times throughout the day when I needed and it is super quick to charge up the phone. 

3. Beats EarBuds: (shown here in case) My fav earphones! And I love that they come in this cute white case because I'll never loose them! Also these do not get tangled like the regular ones from the iPhone; another reason why I love them.

4. Coin Pouch: I'm someone that always keeps change with her. Because duh, you never know. I also carry this when I'm in a hurry and just grab my i.d. and cc and I'm gone ! 

5. Hand Sanitizer: Super important, especially when traveling on airplane. It's also super convinient when you don't have napkins to wipe when your eating on board!

6. Emergen-C packets: I know, random right? But I love these things because they are easy to just throw in your purse and you're good! You pour into water and SHAKE! They also keep your immune system up  if your feeling a bit sick/under the weather.

7: Entertainment (Ipad mini & cute journal): I never travel without something to entertain myself. Although some flights offer movies and/or music to listen to, I prefer to have some books/movies loaded in my ipad before I leave to have them ready to utilize. Btw, I just finished the book "Behind Closed Doors" , such a good book, full of twists and suspense, I really recommend it (well, if you're into those sort of stories lol). Oh, and as far as taking a journal, that's all up to you. I like writing down how I'm feeling in the moment during the plane ride or even once I'm at my destination. It's a nice memory to look back on, I promise!

8. Small makeup bag: I won't get into much detail here, but inside I include: hair ties, lip balm, matte powder, small mirror, and lipstick (this doesn't count from my separate makeup bag that's in my carry-on lol)

9. Kate Spade Wallet: Traveling essentials: passports, proper documentation (i.d.'s flight ticket's, etc) some cash, one credit card, phone book, etc

10. Mini Hair Brush: Love these mini brushes, although I pack my larger hair brush, it's a hassle having it in my main travel bag, so I like keeping this mini one handy, plus it has a mirror! I found this one at Target! 

Not pictured: A scarf and neck pillow, extra socks, and my camera/go-pro

This is basically how everything looks packed inside of the bag.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope this was helpful to you 
and helps you plan your next adventure ! :)

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