Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sharing a glimpse of this passed weekend because it was truly magical. I received so many questions about this place that I just thought of sharing more about it here and also to share some more breath-taking photos. The main reason we went was for my mom. My mom is a huge fan of Sunflowers; its her favorite flower, ever. We use to have this "secret spot"  in homestead where there was a random Sunflower field that I found by chance and by some major research online! BUT, the last time we went, all of the Sunflowers were gone! Since then, we decided to try and go to this place called: Burr's Berry Farm since I saw some amazing photos on their social media of the Sunflowers fields. It definitely did not disappoint. They have a huge field for strawberry picking (although it was not ready when we went), a cute park area for the kids, as well as tons of spots for beautiful photo opportunities. They also offer yummy milkshakes, Belgium waffles, ice cream and more at their lunch spot. The main reason we went was for the sunflower fields.  They are currently in bloom so this is the best time to go! We were there for a good two hours I believe. They have some of the biggest Sunflowers I have EVER seen. They were so beautiful! The best part is that you get a chance to cut and pick sunflowers to take home for a $1 each! And of course, we picked the biggest ones ;)

I highly suggest this place for a great time during the day. The entrance is free.
I believe they only charge a fee when they have events or if you want to bring a professional photographer.

See below for some photos!
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It was the most beautiful day!

After we cut some! In the front entrance, they let you borrow scissors to help make it easier to cut them! We would first bend them and then finish it off cutting with the scissor!

Look at how tall this one was! It's crazy! I look all happy but in reality I was terrified of the bees lol. So after each photo I would run away quick from the flower if I was too close to it.

 These are all taken with the sony a5100 camera!

You could actually see the bees up close in this photo, 
I'm proud of this one! :)

Burr's Berry Farm
12741 SW 216th st
Miami, FL 33170

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