Saturday, September 28, 2019

Ever since moving into my new apt, its been really fun shopping for home decor! It's something I always dreamed of doing, so its amazing to finally be able to! One of favorite times to purchase decor is around the holiday season and since we are officially in the Fall season, I got a couple little pieces to get my apt in the spirit. I try to just invest in a couple things here and there that could transition year 'round because I don't want to have a bunch of stuff in storage lol. I shared these on my stories but i decided to just share them here too so theres a source to come back to! 

I made this arrangement (pictured above) because I was feeling in the mood and it was so fast affordable too! Everything that I used to make it was from the dollar tree! The dollar tree has so many cute decor items for each season, definitely check them out if you haven't!

Center piece plate is from Homegoods and the velvet pumpkins are from the Dollar Tree...$1 each!

This wall in my dining area is SO bare. I need to hang up something quick! lol 

I found this leopard pumpkin from Homegoods too!
 I just couldn't leave it, its so pretty!

Here's the arragement on my side table in the living room! 
The "thankful" sign is also from the dollar tree!


I took photos of the bunches I used so you guys could see the name of each. Each little bunch was $1
Well everything was $1 basically lol. The sunflower ones came single and the stem was pretty long so I bent them. I tried to cut it but I wasn't successful. lol.

Love these little glitter pumpkin picks!

I bought two but I only used one pack!

-Different types of flowers (about 4-5 diff types is sufficient)
(you could use real ones, but I opted for fake ones lol)
-fillers (I used the little pumpkin picks and the scarecrow ones too)
-Spanish moss (one pack)
-small vase

- In the silver tin, I cut half of the spanish moss and put it in the bottom first.
-I started with the tallest flowers first and put them in the back of the vase ( I made sure to bend the stem a bit on all of them so they looked short and you wouldn't see spacing between the flowers!)
- I then arranged the rest of flowers and put them in a bunch before I put them in the vase.
-After I finished putting all the flowers in, I took the remaining chunk of the spanish moss and put it all around the top to fill any little holes.
-I then added the pumpkin picks and the two scarecrow fillers
-Thats it! Super easy

**I also thought about writing a phrase in pretty lettering with a permanent marker in the front of the vase too!** Totally optional but just another detail to add :)

Heres how it looks. This is half of the spanish moss in the bottom. After this is when I added the first bunch of florals.

finished product! :)

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