Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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I was in Tennessee this past week for work, and had such a great time! Although during most of the day I was working, we took full advantage after we finished work for the day, and did some cool activities. I was so happy because I experienced my first "real Fall". What I mean is that I got to see the trees changing color and wore winter clothes without sweating. lol. Tennessee is so different from Florida, it was so refreshing! From the people, the area, the setting...everything! Everyone is always so pleasant and nice all the time. It makes me think of how mean and rude people are in Miami; why can't people here be more forgiving and nice?! Anyways...most of the time I was there it was super cold, so I really had a chance to wear my winter wear and experience fall! We stayed in a cabin on a mountain! It was such a cool experience. The only thing that was missing was a snowfall (thankfully it didnt though lol). The cabin had three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a living room with a fire place, a screened area with a indoor jacuzzi and a pool table, as well as, a super cute porch with a swing! It was honestly something straight out of a hallmark movie. LOL. Another thing I enjoyed was waking up early every morning to watch the run rise over the super tall trees and the mountains. It was amazing! I also ate wayyy more than I should, but no regrets though. Heres a couple photos I took throughout that week!

Quick info:

- We stayed at Hidden Mountain Resort. It's basically an area that has private cabins and you are able to rent one! A cool thing is that every cabin is different, so it just depends what you are looking for for accomodations!

- The rooms are stocked with towels and toiletries ( I wasn't sure if they would provide that so I brought my own lol)

-Our cabin was on a steep driveway! Thankfully we rented a huge truck. I do not think a normal sedan 4 door would've survived that everyday!

- The cabin was in a city called Sevierville. Its about 20-30 mins from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge which are the areas where there is tons of shopping and places to eat!

Our cabin!

Front porch!

Stair case to two rooms upstairs!

This was the living room !

On our drive to Gatlinburg

View from our cabin! so pretty :)

 This decor was so beautiful! This was in the office where you check in and get your key for the cabin!

I visited a Titanic Museum! I loved this! It was interactive and full of history.
It also had tons of artifacts that they saved from the ship! 

This was at a wax museum in Pigeon Forge! It was so cool. 
I saw so many of my fav celebs! I have never been to a museum like this so it was fun!
It also has a hall of mirrors which was so cool!

Incredible view in Gatlinburg. We went on a skylift all the way up a mountain for this view. It was a little scary, but worth it! When you arrive at the top of the mountain. Theres a suspended bridge you can walk on, a gift shop, food for sale and tons of photo opportunities!
Click here for more: Gatlinburg Skylift

This was the view flying back home to Miami. It's amazing how you can see the mountains and clouds. It was an early flight so we were lucky enough to see the sun rise!

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