Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Happy first Wednesday of 2020!! :) So exciting to be starting fresh in the start of a new decade. It gives us a chance of hope and a sense of renewal; in other words, another chance to start anew and pursue your dreams. One of my goals for 2020 (you could read them here) is to read a new book every month! I finished one this month already, so I am looking for my next one for February! :) If you have any suggestions, leave it in the comments below. I am really into inspirational books, self-help, AND fictional thrillers of any kind.

Today, I wanted to share a few books that I believe can inspire my fellow entrepreneur. I've read all of these and believe they could be a positive guidance and a push into the right direction. 

I'll start with the one I just finished and then the rest are ones that I've read last year!

This was such a great read, and I really admire the author, Cara. She is such an inspiration to me and always puts me in a good mood when I open up her books. This one in particular spoke to me. It's a book motivating you to stop listening to the noise and to manifest your dreams and goals on your own terms. It heavily speaks about always choosing yourself, and doing so, unapologetically. It's one that talks about how to always choose yourself and not wait for no one else to do it. It is written in story form, and includes tons of real life stories to really get you inspired. After each chapter, there a couple questions about the chapter for you to answer, and also blank pages to write your thoughts on how you feel after reading the chapter (or anything really). I highly recommend this one. It's a quick read; short but powerful.

Another great inspirational one. This one is all about confidence. Not just how to feel confident in life and in business, but how to get comfortable with it and how to sustain it in your daily life. Cara shares personal life stories and struggles that are relatable and really makes you feel like your reading a letter/story from a dear friend.


I really enjoyed this book. It concentrates about really transforming your instagram feed. This is particularly important if what you do (or looking to do) is online. Having an instagram is vital to your business in this day in age to get yourself out there! She talks about the thought that goes into posting the photos, the sequence they are posted in, hues; and most importantly, how your photos tell a story. It's has great insight, and little tips & tricks to jot down or screen shot and have in your camera roll. I definitely recommend it. Its photo heavy (which is great) and shows everything that she is talking about. I also enjoyed how this book was written. It's like shes personally talking to you.

4. STRIPPED. By Cara Alwill Leyba

This is also a quick read, but so so powerful. This book is a collection of moving and inspiring poems for the inspirational women. Some are short, some are lengthy, but none of them are short in being powerful and awakening something in you. I re-open this book thousands of times when I am feeling down and need words of encouragement. Its so great!

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let me know if you pick up one of these books!

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