Friday, March 20, 2020

hi! Happy Friday ! :)
I know I usually don't post on the weekend, but I wanted to share just in case you were needing some new books to read if you're a book lover like me. I remember when I was younger back in middle and high school, I would read SO SO much. I had stacks of books in my room! But, as I got older, I kind of lost interest in reading for a period of time, and when I think about it..I'm not sure why lol. I've always liked to read and learn new ways of viewing things or just escape reality for a few hours :) Now with this virus going around, I have no intention in going out to socialize anytime soon lol.

So here are the books I'm reading next, as well as, the few that I have already finished too! :)

These are in no particular order BUT I am going to begin this list with: When the Crawfords Sing! I have been wanting to read for a while now. I've read alot of great feedback on it so I cant wait!

Here are some that I've read already! 

Girl On Fire: This book is great for the woman that is looking for motivation in chasing her goals and her dreams. Cara has a beautiful way with words that ignites a fire within you to get started. I definitely recommend :)

Into The Water: This one was pretty good, but wasn't my favorite. It was very eery and creepy. I've never had a book give me chills before, and this one definitely did. It goes back and forth between the past and present about the deaths of young woman and how it all took place in a mysterious river in their town. This books makes you want to keep reading and not stop til the end! I love thrillers :)

Little Fires Everywhere: I won't lie, I expected more from this book. I always saw such great reviews on it, but it was extremely difficult to get through! I believe because the story development was SO slow and had so much detail regarding everything the author was talking about. I will say the overall message of this book is really really good, and I love how the author writes!


-Ebay: I usually check here first because people tend to sell their used copies of a particular book you are looking for . You could also find the e-book version for super cheap too!

-Goodwill: As much as I love to dig to find designer at GW, I always check their book section too! It always surprises me at what I find, and all books are usually $1 each! :)

-"Overdrive" App: This app is amazing! If connects with your local library so you could "check out" their e-books on your tablet! Its pretty cool! :) However, if you want to read a new release be sure to borrow it quick, they tend to get borrowed pretty quickly and a waitlist starts for a couple of weeks before you could read it lol! *Note: You need to create an account on this app and also connect with your local library site in order to access it! No worries, it's easy!

-Free online websites: I found these two sites that offer the electronic version of books I have been wanting to read! It's always better to find a book for free than to pay of course! (; If you're an avid reader, it could get pricey, so these resources can be very helpful ! 

The ones I share below, all you have to do is search the title of the book and just click where it says download and the pdf version of the book should pop up! :)

Click below:
Site one: Here (I found
Where The Crawdads Sing" here!)

Site two: Here (I found "Little Fires Everywhere" here!)

**Note: If the book is rather new, you will not find them above, it has to be an older version!

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