Monday, May 25, 2020

Hi :) Thanks for stopping by! & Happy Memorial Day!
I shared this quick and easy way to acheive a "round" arrangement of flowers in a circular vase on ig stories, and got such a great response :) ..so I wanted to post it here on the blog for quick reference too! I know at times, it is tricky to arrange flowers in a round vase, so I thought this trick was so clever and made ALL of the difference.

Things you will need:
-a round vase / These are the ones I used
-fresh flowers


1. First add water and flower food to your vase...don't forget!!!

2. Take your tape and cut 3-4 pieces (depending on how big your vase is)
My vase has a 6" circumference so it needed 3 pieces horizontally and vertically
See below:

3. After the tape is in place, cut your flowers and make sure they are all roughly the same size. 
I usually cut one flower and then use it as a guide to cut the remaining bunch.

4. After the flowers are all cut, start arranging them in the vase by inserting them in the holes created by the tape guidelines. 1-2 flowers should fit comfortably. (If your vase is larger, 2-3 per hole should be good!)

5. As your arranging, make sure to not apply to much pressure because then the tape will fall off.

and thats it! 
This is how mine came out, I did two of them :)

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