Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 is finally coming to a close, and I am nothing but hopeful for this upcoming year. I am truly hoping that 2021 will be way better for many reasons. I am sharing my goals for 2021 as it has become a way to hold myself accountable for what I want to manifest and happen. I did the same thing last year and the year before. They are mostly the same ongoing goals with a few changes here and there. If 2020 has taught me one thing, it is to never doubt yourself and your capabilities. Despite this tragic year, I was able to achieve the majority of the goals I wrote down (check it out here, I edited the post with notes!). 

SO for 2021, I'm not holding back. There are so many things that I have put on hold or shoved into the back of my mind because I was just too scared to even think about it...but no more! In 2021, I am going to really take a chance on me.

**Edited 1.1.22** // - see below to see what I manifested into a reality!

Ongoing GOALS for 2021

1. Take 1-2 trips out of state. ( I truly miss traveling! ) -  Yes! We were able to escape and took a trip to Nashville for a long weekend. It was so nice! Definitely a place I would return to.

2. Finally open my own online store.  YES! My most lofty goal came to fruition and it has gone better than I could EVER dream of. I still can't believe it!

3. $10,000 in my savings by August 2021 - Not YET, ALMOST THERE!

4. Continue to work on my Poshmark because I love it.  YES! With the start of my online store, my poshmark closet has also grown as well, and it's truly been amazing :)

5. Land a fashion partnership with TARGET (I will keep including this one until it happens lol). - Not yet! Hopeful 2022 will be the year ;)

6. Get a new car.   YES! I finally changed my car and purchased the car I've always wanted!

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