Friday, January 8, 2021

 Happy 2021 ! 

My first post of the new year and its not fashion related ;) So let's get into it !! I found a tool that will help you get those super nice soft curl/waves in your hair! I've researched a ton and follow some of my favorite beauty bloggers to find which hair tool really works and is worth the investment. I found the one I currently use on a whim on Amazon. I came across it because I searched hair tools that are the same brand as my hair dryer (infiniti pro By Conair!) which I love and at a good price point! Well I'm here to report to you that it works and its super easy to use...and the best part? This curling wand is only $18! You have no idea how much I almost bought those super hyped up and expensive curling wands and other products. Just because the price tag is high doesn't mean the product will work and do what its supposed to; at least, that is what I think. 

I have tried this infiniti pro by Conair curling wand about 3x now and it works so well. It really surprised me because my hair NEVER holds curls. If it does, they are gone in 2-3 hours; add a little humidity and they are non-existent lol. :) If you are looking for a good curling wand at a decent price point, I recommend to try this one out!!!! 

(**disclaimer: my main photo says $14 bc it used to be $14 but $18 is still a good price point!**) 


Product: Infiniti PRO By Conair curling wand

**Mine is the 1"- 0.5"**

-It's very light weight (not heavy) and easy to maneuver and use !!

-It has four heat settings (400 degrees being the hottest setting)

-Heats up SUPER FAST !!

-It doesn't have a clamp, which I believe makes it easier to work with!

(I've tried wands with clamps and I personally did not like it !!)


Here my hair is washed and I let it air dry for a little while and finished drying it with a blow dryer.
I then added a dry oil spray mist to my hair. This is great and makes your hair shiny and is also a heat protectant.


-I first parted my hair into three sections, clipping the biggest section of hair on top of my head with a alligator hair clip! These are amazing and really hold your hair while you style it! Please get them if you don't have some, you'll thank me later ;)
-Then I take the curling wand and move it toward the back and wrap my hair around it. And I am curling it away from my face too! 
-Once the section is curled, I hold the curl in my hand for a few seconds while its hot so the curl won't come apart while I'm handling the rest of my hair.
-Once I have a few sections done, I go ahead and take a clip and clip the hair that is curled already in place to continue with the rest of the sections :)
-I did this to my whole head and it took me about 45 mins. It honestly depends on the thickness of your hair. For me, I believe that was pretty quick! 

**Check my IG reels and stories for video actions** :)

Once I finish my entire head, I let them sit for around 10 mins and then remove the clips! I run my hands through the curls to soften them up and not leave them too tight. I also use a hair brush to do this. Smoothing them out with  brush is a good way to leave them in tact but just soften them a bit so your hair won't look so short lol. After this you could add a bit of hair spray for extra hold, and that's it !!!!


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