Wednesday, February 3, 2021


I know that everything this year has been a little different since we were hit with COVID, but of course, I still want to bring you all some inspiration. Valentine's Day is in about two weeks so I wanted to share this super simple outfit that you could re-create if you are thinking of celebrating vday or honestly any special upcoming occasion! 

I saw this beautiful pink organza sleeve top on a friend of mine on Instagram and I had to have it! I'm a huge fan of statement sleeves lately, and even more so if it happens to be pink ;) This top is such a pretty muted pink. I also love the organza sleeves. The tulle is super soft and not itchy whatsoever! It also has a high neck, almost like a turtle neck I would say. It's truly a statement top and versatile to wear tons of ways! Here I wore my favorite express jeans. I love how the pink looks against the black denim, super chic and effortless. I also found these pearl headbands for $9 on amazon too! They are adorable and are perfect for a lazy hair day! I usually have my hair up in a ponytail or bun, so a pearl headband is the perfect feminine touch to make it seem like you're put together...or hiding a bad hair day lol

I also put on these amazing "Cinderella" heels. They truly made the entire outfit.! Check out this blog post here because I go in depth about them! 

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day..?

let me know in the comments

Thanks for reading :)


Pink Organza Sleeve Top: Amazon - $20 and also comes in tons of other colorways.

Jeans: Express (amazing fit!) / also adore these from Target ($20!!!)

Clear Heels: Amazon ($40!)

Pearl Headband: Amazon ($9 -pk of 4!)

Heart-shaped sunglasses: Amazon - all time favs!

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