Wednesday, March 17, 2021

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Thanks for stopping by :) I wanted to share a quick little re-cap of my weekend out fit and talk a bit more about Styles By E - Collection number two, that was released this passed weekend! I still have no words for the amount of support I've received since I announced the online store. It's still crazy to me :( lol. But it honestly has been so motivating and I can't wait to share what's next this upcoming weekend. Everything is sooo good that I want to keep one of each ;)


White Button Shirt : Victoria Beckham for Target / Identical version here and here

Jeans: Target - one of my favorite pairs!

Heels - Mine are Miss Guided / similar flats version Here

So I wore this outfit this passed weekend for date night on Friday and I really love how it turned out. I feel like I usually wear the same things over and over, so I wanted to really search my closet for tops I haven't worn in a while. I totally forgot about this top! Its a long sleeve top that I just knotted in the front since it is a bit long when wearing with jeans so I just went with it.! I also wore these studded sandals that I forgot I had as well. I swear sometimes you just need to really look at what you have then just think you have to buy new clothes (;

The top and jeans are both from Target (duh) and my shoes are from Miss Guided. I've seen these studded sandals in a few places, so I'll link them all below, including a pair with the heel!  

Also in case you missed it on my instagram, there was a second collection that was released for Styles By E this passed weekend! I am trying really hard to release something new every weekend to keep up the excitement lol. :) Here's a recap of what dropped:


Love this set! It is of such great quality that I want to be wearing it all day lol :)
Runs true to size! (slim fit)

One of the best basics to have in your closet! This one is super soft and form fitting and has a high neck that is so so flattering on :) It also has a comfortable snap closure too!
True to size - $21!

These are such a great pair to have! Runs pretty true to size and are super high-waisted! It has ribbed detail on both sides and are of thick material! Love these!


So for the third collection which is coming 3/19/21 (Friday)
It'll be :
-1 new Sweatshirt
-1 new activewear set
-1 new Joggers (I wear these almost 3x a week, they are THAT good, I've been wearing these for a while so I'm excited to bring them to you on the site!)
-2 Tech accessories - For the luxe lover...stay tuned ;) *hint*
-2 Jewelry pieces - one for my moms :) and the other you have to wait and see (the two compliment each other and are great for layering!)

This passed weekend I also went to this beautiful farm in Homestead with my mom! Great place to spend the day to eat good food and take cute photos ;)

Oh and you read it here first: This floral duster may or may not be coming to Styles By E soon..who knows ;)

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