Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Hi! Thanks for stopping by :) I've been away for a while around here, but I'm back today! I wanted to share more about my visit to one of my favorite places in Miami...the Design District! So I had the pleasure of visiting the Fendi Caffe at OTL Mia last month. If you're a fashion and/or brunch lover, add this place to your list! Located in the heart of the Miami Design District, which is an oasis for fabulous luxury shopping. The Fendi Caffe features a playful and delicious brunch menu (I believe they also have a few dinner items too!) Their main menu items feature Fendi logo details that look as good as they taste! I tried the French toast, and their fruit bowl..both delicious! My mom had the avocado toast and can attest that it was also just as tasty. It's reasonably priced and a very chic spot that is totally "insta-worthy" ..so remember to wear your best outfit ;)

French Toast and lemonade was A+!

Pictured here: avo toast, fruit bowl, FF logo coffee

The Fendi store is almost "in theme" with the caffe ;)

A few snaps from around the area.

Jungle Plaza !

(Fendi Store !)

 The Fendi Caffe is right across from the actual Fendi Store in the design district.

Add this to your list if you're coming to Miami this Spring (2022) . 

Themed Fendi Caffe will be opened 'til May 1st, 2022

**Note: they usually have this almost every Spring, if you happen to miss out this year, there's always next year with a different theme** (save this post, so you can refer back to it ! :)

Fendi Caffe (@ OTL Mia)


160 NE 40th st

Miami, FL 33137

Check out the menu: here

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