Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hi!! It's been so long since I last posted here on the blog. I've missed it so much!

 I've honestly been feeling really lazy and tired all the time to get on here, and just those thoughts alone would make me sad. But I finally said to myself, no more! :) It's been a real whirlwind to say the least; many personal changes and a future that I'm scared and excited about at the same time! I will be a mom in a few months and it's honestly so crazy to me! The thought alone excites me a ton but also makes raises my anxiety levels lol. I just hope that I can continue to be me and also be the best mom that I can be. 

Anyways! I wanted to share a recap of my recent trip to New York. It's been almost three years since the last time I went so it was amazing to be back! I went with my mom for her birthday and we had the best time! Sharing all info below the photos :) Thanks for stopping by !xo

Everything in this room is made of glass. You had to wear these slippers so you wouldn't scratch the glass lol. 

Summit One Vanderbuilt
This was our first time here! It is fairly new and it gives you spectacular views of NYC. We have done a few of the rook top views (rockefeller, one world, etc) but this one has to be my fav! There are plenty of photo opportunities and tons of rooms to takes photos in! Definitely worth it!
More info + tickets: HERE

Rockefeller center is always a place I love coming back to visit :)

The Vessel @ Hudson Yards
Another new place we have never been to! This structure is called "The Vessel" in Hudson Yards. I loved this area. It's another one of those areas that are fairly new; it also has a fabulous shopping mall with highly coveted stores. I definitely recommend coming here if you haven't :)
20 hudson yards
New York, NY 10001

Little Island Park.
This was so pretty. This "raised" structure is a man-made park and its a really nice area to sit and relax and people-watch. :) 
Pier 55 at Hudson River Park
Hudson River Greenway, NY 10014

Aladdin on Broadway!
It's always such a treat to catch a show on Broadway. This is my second one I have seen and it was amazing. I love the story of Aladdin and they really made it come to life. The acting, costumes, and staging really blew me away...I'd even watch it again! Loved it :)

Being tourists in Times Square ;)
Some random photographer took these photos of us for a few dollars.
Of course we couldn't say no lol.

We came to this little French restaurant almost everything single morning for breakfast!
It was right by our air bnb. The food and ambiance was great. I still think of their "Pain Chocolat" :)
Le Moulin
1439 York ave
New York, NY 10075

Another highlight of the trip for me: visiting the new Harry Potter NY store! If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, this is a MUST! The attention to detail in every section of the store is amazing. It was the best day :) It also in one of my fav areas in New York...right by the Flat Iron building!
Harry Potter NY
935 Broadway
New York, NY 10010

A day trip to visit the Statue of Liberty via the ferry. 
We have done this a few times but it never gets old. :) The view is amazing!!!
Book your tickets here for the ferry ride: HERE

Another highlight from the trip. It was our first time coming to this area and we fell in love. The area has so many nice shops and restaurants. I would love to stay around here when we come back to visit:)

Carrie Bradshaw's apt building from Sex & The City :)

We also visited Little Words Project in West Village and got a few bracelets :)

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