Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Hi! I hope you all had a great weekend! :) Also, it just occured to me that next week is already November! I cannoy believe that in two months we will be in 2016, it blows my mind sometimes. Anyways, this past weekend I ventured up to Orlando to go to Universal's Halloween Horror nights. I haven't gone in five years so I was pretty excited! I had a great time, I wish we would've stayed until Monday ;) . So during my stay, my boyfriend and I were focused on Horror nights on Saturday, so we found a couple other things to do as well, and I wanted to share with you guys! Hopefully on your next trip to Orlando, you'll keep these choices in mind. So here are the top 5 things that I think are worth checking out in Orlando.

Let's get started!

1. Ripleys: Believe it or Not Museum

This place is pretty well known as there is a location in New York as well. It was my first time visiting this past weekend, and I loved it. The entire "house" feels like a fun house. You'll get to experience some interesting pieces of art, bizarre sculptures (they have actual shrunken human heads on display!) and hands on activities. I also enjoyed the history behind Ripley's and its originator, Robert Ripley. They have great videos all over the house explaining briefly how he became a household name and how Ripley's Believe it or Not got where it is today. It was great, and it's definitely somewhere fun to visit in Orlando! Admission is $20 in person, but you could save $ by ordering online ! Each ticket will come out to $16 ! ;)

 This Beyonce portrait is made entirely out of candy !
 Check out her bra, its made of licorice!! So cool :) loll!

I live for these photo booths, LOL. I spent almost half an hour making like three. Here's one of them below ;) haha

2. The "Orlando Eye"
I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon this. I didn't even know Orlando had one, and its definitely a site to see! Luckily, this beauty was literally right across the street from our hotel room, so I had that view the whole weekend...so pretty ! While we were there, it was not accessible to ride o (I guess it was going through some maintenance) but admission is $25 per person. Furthermore, in this same area, there is also a Madame Tussaud's wax museum and a mini sea aquarium. It's a perfect way to spend your day as there are so many things to do.

3. Universal Orlando Theme Parks
It is not a trip to Orlando, FL if you do not visit one of their well-known attraction theme parks! I have visited many times, but I can never get enough! This past weekend I went to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights! Every year they transform Universal studios into the ultimate Halloween experience. This year there was a total of nine haunted houses, featuring some infamous characters such as Freddy VS. Jason, The Purge, Insidious, and The Walking Dead! I can't even begin to explain..LOL. The Freddy vs. Jason house was the one that scared me the most..overall, its all in good fun. They also have "scare zones" all around the park where people actually come up to and try to give you a scare; it is really intense; not sure if its for everyone. haha. 

Other than that, one of the main reasons I love going is to visit The wizarding world of Harry Potter. It's likes your transported into another world. For the Harry Potter fanatic, it is awesome !
Here I am headed to the "Ministry of Magic". ;)

4. Kissimmee Go-Karts
I love visiting here because you could easily spend the whole day since there are many activities. This place is complete with go-kart riding (the best part), a fully-equipped arcade inside and they even have a spot where some baby alligators reside! You could even feed them; kind of random (LOL) but it's a great expeience. All the attractions are purchased separately when you arrive; However, my bf and I found a groupon for $27 and everything was included for two people! This deal is usually offered periodically, so make sure you check groupon.com before you plan your visit. :)

This must be the most unexpected place to visit in Orlando, but I HAVE to mention it. When you come to Orlando, you MUST visit WAWA food/gas station. A gas station you may think.? LOL. It is basically your one stop shop to eat a fresh meal, get some snacks, and put gas in your car, all in one ! My boyfriend and I went back like four times because we couldn't stay away, it is just that good loll. His favorite part was a "beer cooler" that they had in the back. It was literally a walk-in freezer full of beer, he was just in awe haha :) . Also, the food is delicious; I had the best panini there (oven roasted turkey, swiss cheese and honey mustard..YUM!) I'm sad I didn't take a photo of it, but you could check out their menu HERE . Even the simplest little snacks are fresh; mini to-go sandwiches, yummy salads, etc. Then for lunch, I had their burrito bowl, which was sooo good too. The coolest part, you order on a touch-screen menu and you could customize your order as well. I am pretty sad Miami doesn't have one, hopefully they will in the future ;)


Have you guys ever visited Orlando?
What are your favorite sites?

Thanks for reading. <3


  1. My family and I had such great fun at Disney World. Gosh it's been so long, we should return, :)). These locations look so fun.

  2. aww im glad to read that ! you should definitely come back and visit !