Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A moment of impact.Something as instantaneous as a moment can easily change things & your whole outlook on life. It doesn't particularly have to be a bad moment, an impact can be good too; finishing an amazing book, picking up a loved one at the airport, acing that exam, finding a bargain at your favorite store..its endless. All these small moments help us grow and shapes us into the person we currently are today. We may not notice it now, but in the long run, they do. This past week, for me, was one of those moments. My mom had to under-go some minor surgery. I don't know about you, but the thought of just going to the hospital kind of scares me already. So from there I could tell you, I was already a bit nervous, but the thing with me is that I am a very postive person. I always have faith, and that has made me a stronger person. Faith is powerful and it's a mindset that will never ever fail you. When the day of the surgery came, I was calm and collected; I never show emotion, especially when I'm anxious or scared, I hide it even more. It did feel like a long time, but it was only a matter of two hours or so before the doctor came out to tell us how it went. As I thought, everything went good...great even. You could imagine my relief, as she was able to go home the next day. If you're wondering, she is doing great and recovering each day, and she's probably reading this right now, haha. Love you Mom. 

Although it was just brief, I never really share personal things on here. But I felt like I needed to. We're human, and in my case, sometimes there are things way more important to speak up about than a new shirt or a pair of shoes. As always, thanks for stopping by, it really means the world to me. 

What's a moment that's left an impact on you?
 Share with me if you'd like below in the comments.. I love reading them.

Of course I had to include the details ;)

Top: Forever 21 / Similar: Here and Here
Olive Joggers: JcPenney / Similar: same style Here (and on sale!)
Studded Sandals: Old Navy / Similar: same style Here

"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, 
but when you look back, everything is different".
- C.S. Lewis


  1. Glad the surgery was a success. I love happy endings. Anticipation of any kind is always nerve wracking for me too. You look great.

    1. Thank you Idu :) that means alot.
      Yes its true, it is nerve wracking at times....