Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hi guys! Happy Wednesday.
So I think that this week in particular is the craziest...one week before Christmas. Everyone is still Christmas shopping, making lines to purchase gifts, or still picking out a Christmas tree (which I think you are SUPER late if you still are now, lol.) Me in particular, I am over the whole hype of "Christmas shopping" it really takes away the true purpose of Christmas and has just turned it into a commercial holiday these days. Oh well, that's the power of marketing for you. ;) Nonetheless, I am still excited to celebrate it alongside my family and my closest friends. It is always the happiest time of the year. Also, this upcoming Thursday, my bf and I make two years of being together (I salute him for putting up with me LOL). I can't believe it's going to be two years already; time really does pass us by so quickly. It makes me want to savor the special moments that much longer. So with that, I must tell you to just live in the moment, tell the person that you care about that you love them, and chase your dreams. :)

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you! Outfit details are at the bottom of the post and below some of the photos. I think I like it this way better, you get to see exactly what I am talking about at the moment, what do you think? Let me know below!


I love casual outfits. It is definitely my go-to. Super easy to style and you still look put together. Here you could see I paired this leopard silk top with some faux leather leggings.This combo is very versatile. You could dress it up with some spiffy peep-toe booties, or dress it down with some sandals like how I did here. By the way, I am obessesed with these sandals, they feature such a nice snake print that went really well with the leopard print. Do you want to know the best part? I got them on sale for an awesome price! ;)

I also added this light-weight white cardigan for some contrast and it's definitely functional for when it's cold outside (I wouldn't know though, it hasn't been cold in Miami, ugh). I love pairing loud prints with subtle staples as cardigans, it always works.

I also threw on some red lipstick, which I think went great with this leopard top. Wearing red lipstick is something so simple that could really transform your whole outfit. Yeah, it's that powerful. 

Also, I am sure you guys have seen this black tote bag in multiple posts, I LOVE it. It is my go-to bag + it's the perfect size. I've had it for almost a year now and it is still in awesome condition. It's funny, this bag was only $34 and I prefer it more sometimes than my more expensive bags, how ironic. 

White Cardigan:NY&Co (exact style HERE)
Silk leopard top: NY&Co
Leather leggingsJcPenney (on sale!)
Sandals: Steve Madden (exact one HERE)
Bag: Express (love this ONE + on sale!)


  1. Love the two different colour materials of leopard print and silk!

    Isobel x
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  2. Love the color combination. Great for the holiday season.