Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another year gone, and another opportunity to start fresh once more. In other words, "to get it right", as least, what is right for you. We all have dreams, aspirations, and goals that we want to accomplish, and the start of a new year should be enough motivation. Be the best version of yourself; get out there and make things happen. Make yourself proud; feel alive. Try to inspire others, make 2016 the best year yet.

 This year has really been a turning point for me. I have learned and grown so much; I finally feel that I am in the right path in life so far, and it feels pretty damn good. I am so grateful for all of the amazing people that I have met this year and those that I can truly call my friends. I would've never guessed I would be where I am right now at this point in my life if you would've asked me 2-3 years ago, I just know that I am where I'm meant to be and I cannot wait for what the future brings; and of course to share it with you all. :)

With that being said, I want to leave you with some reflections from this past year to bring in with you to the new year. Life is a constant work in progress so I hope these speak to you in some way.

1. Leave your past, yep you guessed it...IN THE PAST. It does not need to follow you to ring in the new year. 

2. Believe in yourself; believe that you are capable of anything and everything that you want to acheive.

3. Be fearless; trust me, once you overcome whatever your fears are, you will feel powerful.

4. Do not compare yourself to others. We are all meant for something great, and our paths are all being carved out differently.

5. Be kind to others. Something so simple can make all the difference. 

6. Let go of negative energy and surround yourself with people/things that make you happy.

7. Stay humble; humility makes a person beautiful; never forget who you are/were.

8. DO what makes you happy; you will question yourself on why you ever lived any other way.

Thank you for reading! Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous
new year, 2016! Let's make it count (insert dancing girl emoji here lol)

So let me tell you, I have always been fond of the denim trend, or should I say, chambray. I feel like you could wear it year 'round and get away with it. I can't wait to wear this little number again. What I love about it the most is that it cinches and you could tie it around your waist which makes the dress flattering on anyone. I paired with one of my favorite pair of booties at the moment. Oh! I also attempted this "top knot" hairstyle, it came out pretty decent, right?!
Leave me your thoughts below. 'til next post.


DressForever 21 (exact!)
Booties: TJ Maxx
ClutchCosta Berre
Sunglasses: Alexander Wang via Saks


  1. I love your goals and what you learned from last year. I agree, surround yourself with positivity :) Also that outfit is adorbs :)

    1. HI ! Thank you so much !! :)
      And yes, positivity is so important..cheers to an amazing 2016!


  2. "4. Do not compare yourself to others. "

    This. Just this.

    1. Hi Rhian,

      Yes ! Its so important to be your own person and not worry about what others are doing. I hope these tips gave you some insight :)
      thanks for stopping by.