7 ways to "jumpstart" your summer

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Since we just started Summer this week, I thought it would be fun to highlight some great ways to fully take advantage of your Summer time / vacation. Great options for the entire family, or if you just want to treat yourself. ;)

Let's get started!

Book a "stay"-cation. Your destination retreat is closer than you know it. Instead of going away for the Summer, you will be surprised the treasures you will find in your own city. There's tons of of areas and hotels just waiting to be discovered by you. 

Check out curent deals on hotels going on online! They have great deals
P.s. I just booked one not too long ago here.. So excited ! Also, always ask for Florida resident prices; 99% of the time, they'll give you a better rate. ;)

Treat yourself to a "Spa Day". Save up your pennies people because this is totally worth it. And the best part, you could find tons of deals online offering massages for up to 50% off! Plus, when you book it at a hotel, it usually comes with pool access, so you could make a fabulous day out of it! 

Jump here to see some current deals that are happening!

Hop on a bike with Citi Bikes. I'm sure by now you've seen these quaint little stations all around South Florida lately. They are particularly popular in downtown Miami and South Beach. For a couple dollars you could rent a bike and cruise around Miami for a couple of hours! If that's not #SOMIAMI ..I don't know what is. ;)

You could learn more about it here

Go on a evening stroll in riverwalk. This place is a gem and I feel like it's underated. Think intimate little retaurants right on the water where you could watch the boats go by as the sun sets. It's truly one of my favorite spots! You could also catch the "water taxi" during the day and it'll take you on a tour of the area, free of charge!

More info here / And you could also check out the area in this post here
Location: Downtown Ft Lauderdale

Indulge in "the salty donut". I'm sure you have heard about these "make your mouth water" donuts. If you haven't, you need to stop what you're doing and go, becaue people, the hype is REAL. They are delicious and so unique that they are definitely worth the wait in line. Try to get their early because there's almost always a 20-30 min anticipated wait time.

The Salty Donut: 29 NW 24th st Miami, FL 33127

Take on a water activity. Miami is filled with a variety of different wanter "sports". Why not pluck up the courage and try one?! Or if you are into it, try something new! For the beginners, I'd recommend paddleboarding. It's fun and one HELL of a workout!

Go for a run on the Rickenbacker causeway. You're in a for a treat if you haven't done this. Ditch your boring running routine at the park and drive up to key biscayne and go run on the rickenbacker causeway bridge. The view there is absolutely incredible and will totally inspire you. It will leave you wanting to go back everyday. 

Rickenbacker causeway, Key Biscayne.
(very close to the Miami Seaquarium!)

Hope you go out there and really jumpstart your Summer !

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