Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hi guys! And welcome back to my blog!
 I'm sorry that I was on a mini "hiatus" last week. If you did not already know, I was on a two week trip to Europe, so I was really trying to emerge myself and soak up every moment I had before coming back home. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I've had in my entire life, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you guys. It will be coming to the blog soon, I promise!

Today's post is definitely beauty related, if you can't tell already. Lip products are one of my favorite (if not, my FAVORITE) makeup item. You could never have too many if you ask me. So today I decided to share a couple of my favorite shades for the upcoming Fall time. Bright or dark hues is a must during the Fall, so here are they are ! 

Kylie Cosmetics, Jeffree Star, New York Color, Colour Pop, Milani


1st row (top): Kourt K, Unicorn Blood, FabFUCHSIA
2nd row (bottom): Toolips, Fling.

1. KOURT K: Amazing true purple color. Very long wearing. A good dupe for this color is L.A. girls Glazed lip paint in the color "tempt"

2. Unicorn Blood: It definitely lives up to its name. Dark burgundy/red color that dries matte, but still has some transfer.

3. FabFUCHSIA: Love this color! A sassy mix between pink and a hint of red. It is very unique and it feels so soft on the lips; plus it smells really good!

4. Toolips: Obsessed with this color from the moment I tried it on. It is a dark mauve color, that has a hint of purple and even brown. Don't let this interpretation intimidate you; it is a must have color ! 

5. FLING: Gorgeous dusty-pink rose that is so flattering on. You NEED this color. 


Kourt K / Dupe (L.A. girl)

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