Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall season. The one season that I feel everyone anticipates. Cue the over-the-knee boots, Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING, dusters, coats, you name it! I agree though, I love the Fall time; closer to Halloween, then Thanksgiving and finally Christmas! There's just something special when Fall season comes around, it's like life begins all over again.
Is that too much? lol, well I think it's true. :) So today's post is inspired by just that: the Fall time. Even though where I live, we consider cool weather anywhere from 70 degrees and below, it's still fun to dress up and try to wear winter clothing, without trying to melt 10 minutes later! This was a pretty easy outfit to put together, and that's why I love it so much. Effortless is classic, and they are all pieces that you could wear year 'round.

So let's start with this ribbed gray bodysuit from H&M! I love bodysuits so much, they are great to wear with just about everything. Pair it with jeans how I did here, or some wide leg trousers, and even a skirt (mini or maxi!). I also love the high neck it features, it's a bit more sophisticated than a plain scoop or v-neck. I decided to pair this bodysuit with dark wash high waisted jeans for a casual vibe. I love these jeans, especially for a curvy girl like me; they are comfortable and hug all the right places, without feeling too tight ! I also wore my favorite pair of over the knee boots; these are so great to have, especially with a block heel. Blocked heels are big this season, and not to mention, they are ten times more comfortable to walk in than skinny stiletto heels! I've noticed that almost all the shoes I've purchased lately have been with a block/chunky heel; it just makes me feel way more comfortable and confident! OTK boots are a must have in any closet, they are also pretty versatile to wear, especially if they are a solid neutral color. SO I finished this look with a gray duster coat that I was finally able to wear after a couple of months of purchasing it lol. I originally purchased it sometime in the beginning of the year to go to Atlanta, but turned out that it wasn't cold so it wasn't worth bringing to take up space in my suitcase. I love any duster/coat that's made of chiffon and has layers, I find that these last the longest and look the most chic, my favorite! There's tons of ways to wear it, even if your just wearing it over your shoulder like I am here; oh, the things we do for an outfit. lol.

Oh and don't worry, I still haven't finished my travel series, I was just wanting to get some style posts in the mix before I continue on the rest of the stops. I promise you won't want to miss those, so stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by. <3

Gray Bodysuit: H&M / similar style here
HW Jeans: Fashion Nova / I adore these
Boots: Urban OG /Great selection on sale here too
Duster coat: Forever 21
Sunglasses: H&M / similar styles here


  1. I love this boots :)


  2. You look gorg! I wish I could do those boots. Maybe if I find something similar in flats. Yeah!