Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hi everyone! So I've had a couple things on my mind lately, and honestly wasn't even sure if I wanted to publish any post this week. Although I did start 2017 on a great and positive note, I can't help but feel down from time to time.
I constantly have things bouncing around in my head that I want to do that I truly feel overwhelmed. I hate to admit, but as much as I preach it to you guys here...I am constantly being critical toward myself and comparing myself towards others. " Are my photos alright?" , "When the hell are brands going to appreciate what you write"? and not just hand you free stuff and expect you flaunt it (yeah, I said it!)", "Am I posting enough", "Am I worthy of working with them".. etc..  I find myself sometimes not even looking forward to writing a weekly blog on here or just thinking about it sounds like a drag(I hate that, but its true). Or just other times I have so much to say, but its difficult to get it all out at once. I know I can't be the only one that goes through this funk. I sometimes even think do people even come on here and read what I write, is it worth to keep going? What the hell is the point of all this? As much as I love being positive and seeming like everything is A-ok...it really isn't ALL the time, and not everything is what it seems...especially on social media. I feel like you all should know this by now, but I just thought it was important to reiterate it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that its ok to feel like you don't have control over things, as well as, not have absolutely EVERYTHING down pact. Every new year   new day is a chance to get up and make it right, and be the best version OF YOU that you can be and not worry about others.

With that I leave you with some things I've been practicing to continue a year
with more happiness & positivity:

1. Realize how good you have it. If you have genuine friends and family, you are already rich in a way not many people are.

2. Start your day with a positive affirmation. Even if its just reading yout daily horoscope (which I do every other day lol). 

3. Tell/txt/call a person you care and tell them you love them. Just do it. 

4. Realize that whatever you're going through isn't a forever thing. The rain stops and the sun will always comes out. 

5. Start/Do something you love every single day, and EVERY DAY will feel like a Friday

Oh, and of course I figured to give you some outfit details as well. :) 
I've had this top for a while now but 'til this past weekend I was able to take some photos. It's the ultimate sweater for someone that lives in warmer temps (although it has been pretty chilly the last couple of days). The entire back is a flower embroidery, I absolutely love it! I paired it here with my favorite white denim, and snakeprint flats that I have yet to break in (they hurt my feet by the end of the day lol) but I still love them. Oh,this bag also makes its first appearance today. I havent really worn it out too much because I honestly don't want it to get dirty (I know, I'm annoying). But its much more than just a bag, it holds sentimental value because I purchased it when I was in Italy last year, and of course it makes it much more special. :)

Top: Chelsea28 (sry sold out :\) // try this one !
White Denim: Michael Kors / Love these
Flats: try these!
Bag: LongChamp

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  1. My beautiful Esteph.... It's hard doing what we do. Not in the strenuous way but in the kind that makes us wonder exactly what you are questioning. But to answer your doubts; I read your pretty words (not a lie) all the time! and I love the content you create...
    LOVE YOU!!! :)