Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Welcome back everyone, and Happy New Year 2017 ! 
I hope you all enjoyed your long vacation for Christmas and the New Year..I know I did. I am back today with my first post of 2017 and I'm happy to say that it is beauty related! I am a fashion addict, but I do have a secret obsession with beauty products AND actually trying them out and telling you guys what I think .

Today I am going to be reviewing some products from BIODERMA! They were generous enough to send over a fabulous package to try out some of their best selling products, and of course I couldn't wait to try ! 

Before I start, I want to let you guys know what type of skin I have so you have a better idea of how these products can work for you. It's a combination of dry AND oily at the same time. I know, I know! I hate it, so I'm always open to try new things. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit but you know I always keep it real.... my face gets pretty oily throughout the day; up to the point that it kind of looks like I am sweating sometimes (UGH lol). Ok enough about my oily face lol...Let's get into the review. 

Products as shown (Clockwise):

First up is the Bioderma Makeup Removing micelle solution. I've heard tons of great things about the famous "miceller" water, but this one by Bioderma is wonderful. Although it's marketed as a makeup remover solution, it is AMAZING as a overall cleanser for your face. I really liked that it's odorless as well as, it's great for sensitive skin. I only say this because if I don't clean my makeup brushes from time to time (lets get real, who likes cleaning makeup brushes, I sure don't!) I see blemishes form and my face gets irritated, extremely quick! So if your the "sensitive" skin type, this is right up your alley!

How I apply: 
I turn the bottle around a couple times upside down on a cotton pad to get the amount I desire and I gently glide the pad all over my face.

Other PROS that I found worthy to mention:
- Great alternative to makeup wipes
- It really takes your makeup off completely!
- Feels nice on the face after application, fresh face and no leftover residue
- Comes in two other convenient sizes!

Next up is the Bioderma Shine-Control Moisturiser. Wow this stuff is a game changer..especially for us that have oily skin and want to control the "shine" you get on your face during the day. I've definitely seen a change in my face during the day when I apply it ( twice a day: morning AND evening) . It says what it control the oil buildup on your face, and it always smells very pleasant, not over powering at all.

How I Apply:
 I use 1-2 "pumps" (dime size or sometimes a bit bigger) and apply is evenly all over my face and let it dry. After that I sometimes add a under eye cream (when I am not feeling lazy lol).

Only notable CON:
- The tube itself is pretty small and I feel like mine is almost done :( 
I feel like I would go through tons of these bottles if I used properly and applied twice a day. 
I wish it came in other sizes ! 

Lastly is the Bioderma Ultra Repair Hand Cream. I'll be honest, I have NEVER been a avid cream or lotion user at that weird. I recently just started getting into it; maybe because I'm not getting any younger and just need to take care of my skin loll. I absolutely ADORE this hand cream. I have noticed that lately, my hand have been getting extremely dry, and I honestly don't know why; I've never felt them so dry as I have lately. This hand cream totally soothes the dryness of my hands and softens up my cuticles as well. I love that its a 2-in-1 ! It also has a really nice and subtle scent, which I enjoy when I apply.  This has quickly become a favorite of mine..I've been using it everyday. 

I'll also quickly mention about their makeup wipes. I've read a couple reviews about them saying that they are great, but I wasn't too crazy about them. I do not like the scent of the wipes and it does leave a bit more residue on my face than the others ones I use on the daily. Just wanted to put that out there since they are loved by plenty of people. This is just my opinion. :)

I also received another notable moisturizer but I haven't used it at all, so I cannot really tell you my honest thoughts about it.

All in all, I hope this review was helpful to you and that you'll go and try them out. I have definitely switched up from what I regularly use to these products, and that's a fact. Who knows..maybe they become some of your favorites too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you the absolute best this 2017!

This post is brought to you by Bioderma. 
All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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  1. Hi Maral !
    I love bioderma, they have great products. Let me know your favorites.