Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hi everyone, and happy Tuesday. 
Today I wanted to bring you something a little different. I've really been enjoying creating content out of my usual comfort zone. And it really seems that you all enjoy it. So today I wanted to talk to you all about confidence and how you could feel confident in almost everything that you do. As you may know (or not) I've been blogging for almost 3 and half years now. It is one best choices I've ever made and I'm not sure what I'd be doing if I stopped. However, blogging at least for me, has really helped me grow as a person and because of this, it has helped me retain a source of confidence that I never knew that I had inside of me. It has made me feel powerful and it inspires me to blog every week and share slices of my life on the daily.

Having a sense of  daily confidence within yourself can really change your life around and make you go after your dreams and pursue them. This type of feeling has led me to meeting great friends, getting to be part of exciting opportunities, and also living a happier life. 

So without further ado, here are 5 ways to boost your confidence in everything you do.

1. Start the day with positive energy. That feeling will stay with you as the day progresses. For me, I love reading positive quotes and affirmations that make me feel strong and ready to conquer the day.

2. Talking to someone you trust if you are unsure about something. For instance, when I'm unsure about what to post on the blog (which happens quite often lol) I always ask my best friend Karel what she thinks about a certain image, or how to re-word things around, etc. It's ok to reach out, especially from someone that's close to you; it maybe that boost that you need.

(I love color, so I always try to incorporate it when I can)

3. Dress the part. I truly believe that how you dress exudes how you feel inside and out. Which reminds me in the show, Queen of the South, of how the main person, Teresa, is "talking" to her future self; and her future self is all dressed up and ready to conquer the day. Every time Teresa sees this vision of her future self, it helps her snap out of her current mind set. So to me, dressing the part and feeling like a bad-ass is a sure way to feel confident. 

4. Watch an empowering movie/show. I think by now you guys should know I am all about girl power and feeling strong in knowing you are powerful enough to affect change. So as I mentioned before, I recently started watching the show called Queen of the South and omg, it is so good! It has the perfect amount of excitement and boost of adrenaline that you need to feel like you're the #QueenOf everything that is out in your path! I started watching the 1st season on Netflix and I was hooked from the first episode! And I can't wait to catch up to season two that is currently airing on Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

Quick synopsis: It's the story about Teresa Mendoza and how her life changes drastically in Mexico after meeting a man called Guero that's involved in drug dealing/trafficking. She gets involved in every aspect of his life. Guero then explains to her one day that if he is ever killed, to follow the steps and everything he tells her in order to survive. When that day came, Teresa flees for her life and tries to escape his enemies, which lands her in the hands of the notorious wife of the Cartel boss in Dallas, TX and there she starts to deals with some trials and tribulations that later on pays off.

It's very interesting and I definitely encourage you to watch it if you're into that sort of "girl boss" theme. Sorry I got carried away lol...you know I love sharing with you guys what I'm watching lately and this one is so empowering to watch because the main character is bold and fearless and doesn't let any person belittle her.

You could view behind the scene clips here and watch full episodes of season two here

5. Explore something that takes you away from your comfort zone. I know what you're probably thinking. Being out of your comfort zone is not exactly a confidence booster right??? ....Wrong! Being out of your comfort zone and realizing what you're capable of is a major boost of confidence. For instance, when I started the blog, I was terrified to reach out to brands because I was afraid it would be a setback if they said no, but once I actually did this, it was a wave of relief and realized that it wasn't so bad after all and it really helped me practice on how to write and pitch to brands. And it made me realize that not everything is going to be a 'Yes', sometimes it can be a 'No' and that's ok. :)

Do you do anything of these five things in your daily life? If not, you should definitely practice them as it'll really boost your confidence and the way that you take on things.

thanks for reading; oh, and let me know if you end up watching this show!


  1. Great post! I'm always looking for ways to boost my self-confidence and I totally agree that watching kick ass women in shows sure helps. I haven't seen Queen Of The South yet but I'm going to look it up now. My favorite show with a creative and confident female lead is "The Paradise" (a BBC production) also on Netflix. It's about a shop girl working in the first mall in England with a passion for fashion, business and marketing. It's a period drama and it touches on the subject of feminism and female empowerment in the business industry. I think you'll like it.

    1. Hey girl ! thanks for stopping by :)
      Right? I love watching women that are ruling the world LOL. You should definitely check out the show. I finished season one in a couple days. Its so good! ....And I'll check out the one u recommended as well. I love watchin new shows and it sounds like its right up by alley. :)