Wednesday, September 13, 2017

To say that these past couple of days have been a whirlwind is a understatement..
I'm sure you are all aware that pretty much the entire state of Florida was preparing for Hurricane Irma, which crossed our path this past weekend. These days have been filled with worry, anxiety, over-eating, and hunting down food and water. When these types of things happen, we are never really prepared; we could just do what we can and ultimately, hope for the best. Although, the constant media and the news about the hurricane never made it any better. Every hour, on the hour, reports on where Irma was, when she was coming, how fast she was moving, and what to expect....this was enough to make my ears bleed. The other sad part was seeing the devastation of the carribbean islands; which was absolutely heart-breaking. So up to this point, between news flashes, and feverishly tracking down this damn hurricane..I was about ready to jump off a cliff. Nevertheless, I have always been a postitive and optimistic person, so I really tried for all this commotion to not get the best of me; although at one point, it did. So, as I was saying, the days leading up to the hurricane passing were pretty crazy. We stocked up on water and all the non-perishable food we could've, we filled up our cars with gas, and honestly after that..all there was left to do was wait for it to pass. For us, it passed by early early Sunday morning and lasted a good 14-15 hours. I won't lie, it was pretty scary; I could hear the rain pounding on my window and the constant whistling of the wind. I've never heard winds sound so strong. Around here...rain is rain, we are used to it...but the winds was what really made it alarming and scary, I barely slept. It also made me nervous because I never got around to putting anything on my windows, only the main ones around the apt were covered in tape, which in reality, that was not protection at all. lol. So let me not make this so overwhlemingly long, we did not encounter any damage where we live. We are in a 2nd floor apt complex. However, there are hundreds and hundreds of trees on the street almost everywhere in my area. That was the most that I've seen. It also makes me realize how many damn trees Miami has. Because some covered sidewalks for miles, some were completely on the side which you were able to see the tree's roots! All in all, we are pretty fucking lucky; especially compared to other people that live in South FL. The only "downside" in my eyes was that we lost power that same day that Irma passed. And here I am..four days later writing about it. We didn't have power for almost 4 days. Wow talk about being inside a hot box, literally. Sometimes, I would be in my car for hours, just to feel the relief of the cold a/c and to get my phone charged up. Coming to the ending of the third day without power, as I'm laying in bed half naked and sweating, I broke down and started crying. Not only because I was sweating profusely, but because I realized I am such a spoiled brat and that this has humbled me down more than ever. We take these little luxuries in life for granted so much that we do not even realize it. So many other people had it way worse than us...but I still felt the need to complain. Ultimately, we're human..we have the right to complain, its in our nature; although the human being is never truly satisfied, unfortunately.

Thank you to all who reached out and kept us in mind.
I've never forget that ! <3

thanks for reading.

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