Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone, and I hope your Labor Day weekend was a successful one! I always love knowing that I have that extra day off, it makes the weekend that much more satisfying. As far as enjoying it, I know I definitely did.
But it seems like long weekends always pass by more quickly than antipicated, am I right?! Especially now, that South Florida has been greeted with the notion of a Hurricane hitting us by the end of this week. This gives me total anxiety and kind of makes me nervous. But honestly, I am just hoping for the best. There's already preparation being talked about and half of our supermakets are out of stock on water and bread. I think every year people forget that we go through this yearly, and always freak out at the last minute because of what they see or read or what they hear. Nonetheless, its always better to be safe than sorry. This Hurricane is already under category 4-5 in the carribbean, and it breaks my heart; just hoping everyone over there will be ok and ride out the storm someplace safe. As for me, I think we are pretty much stocked here at home with the basic essentials for survival. But I always have hope; and I hope this is yet again another "false alarm"....or just alot of rain.

This is another reason I felt compelled to post this week; I can't let what's going on in the world stop me from updating it. Although it is a little frivolous I'd say, but it's a great stress reliever and distraction from all the crap thats on TV and on social media. 

So onto this outfit, I think this is the perfect one to welcome the Fall time. It's easy and comfortable, as well as versatile to wear with both heels and flats if you wanted to. I fell in love with this top when I saw it online! The unexpected "one shoulder" detail and the tie-sleeve on the other. It's unlike anything in my closet, which I definitely appreciate! Florals aren't only for the Summer time, as you can see here, when chosen and styled carefully, it makes the perfect outfit to welcome a new season.

Photos by : Luccia Photos

This top is floral print (obviously) but it is different than the usual. It almost feels romantic, especially with the bows going down the arm and the dark hue of it that contrasts with the red roses...its perfection!

It also doesn't hurt that it has ruffle details around the neckline. This is one feature that drew me on to purchasing it! I could see this top worn with a leather pencil skirt, leggings, shorts, and even tights! The length in the back is long enought to get away with that.

And of course I also made sure to wear a dark heel. I adore this burgundy color. I think it really brought out the colors of the top even more and of my lipstick :) The best part about these is that they are only 2-3 inches tall, so they are for sure walkable. I come to find that I cannot walk in heels that are 4 1/2 inches or taller anymore. lol. I may have worned them too often when I was younger that now my feet cannot handle them...how sad! lol

These are also my favorite pair of jeans at the moment. They are American Eagle and I kid you not when I say they feel like a pair of tights/leggings...they are so soft and comfortable! I had never worn anything from American Eagle til I caved and got these jeans! I'm super impressed with the quality and how flattering they are on...you need to get these asap!

Top: TopShop (similar options available!)
Jeans: American Eagle (so good!)
Heels: JcPenney (similar style!)

Photos by : Luccia Photos


  1. gorgeous outfits and photos! i love the glasses

  2. So happy florals are in right now, I love them!! This top is adorable!!