Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thanks for stopping by! Sharing what I think will be an informative post for my beauty lovers. Here's a couple of items that are so worth getting/trying out. And the best part? They are all under $10!
Enjoy :)

I talk about sheet masks ALL the time on social media, especially on my instastories. These are so great for an instant refresh. I love these because there are so many types out there! These are my absolute fav! They are $2.50 each! I always stock up :)

These are awesome. I have a ton and have them everywhere. In my room, my bag, my car, and I think at my bf's house too lol. They smell great and makes your lips feel super soft and hydrated.
Shop here $2.99 each.

My favorite makeup wipes ! The "ultra calming" version is my favorite. I've tried a ton but I always go back to these. They smell great and its not over powering. But my #1 reason why I love them is because they are gentle for sensitive skin.
Shop: here $5.99 for a pack of 25

Favorite drugstore mascara. You guys know I love mascara. And this one is so so good, especially for the price tag!
Shop: Here $6

I've used this combo for about two years already! I was given a trial size version during Swim week and I instantly fell in love. I havent used anything else since then. I also love the subtle smell of coconut..yummy!
Shop here $4.99

Not sure what type of magic they use in this brush...but its exactly that...magic! THe bristles instantly brush off any knots you may have and smooth out your hair super fast. I cannot recommend this hair brush enough...go get it! Plus, they come in many colors ;)
Shop: here $8.99

Best little invention for fast or on-the-go brush cleaning. Its like those brush pads you put on the sink, but this one is a mini glove you just slide two fingers in and thats it. Add some baby shampoo to the dirty brush and scrub! Its so great and compact!
Shop: here pack of three, $5.99

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Hope you enjoyed this post and that you discovered something new :)
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